3 Best Speakers for 50Wx4 In 2023

Sometimes the compatibility between your car’s audio system and the speaker can enlighten your overall audio experience or ruin it. Many speakers don’t have enough channels, RMS rating, or power-handling capacity, and when you push them to their limits, they get fried.

That’s why you need to choose your speakers wisely and if you have any criteria, such as 4x50W. All factors considered, I will discuss the 3 best speakers for 4x50w.

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Before I dive into recommending the 50×4 Watt speakers, you need to have a clear idea of what precisely 50×4 means; otherwise, in the end, it may not be suitable according to your room and setup. 

What are 50×4 Watt speakers? 

Generally speaking, if you see that the speakers have mentioned 50 watts x 4, then you can comprehend that for your 4 main channels of the sound output, front L & R and Rear L & R will generate 50 watts per channel in RMS (Root Mean Square), which means that the overall output it can cause is 200 watts. 

It is okay for you to listen to music up to 50 watts depending on the amplifier you have, but if you wish to go higher, then make sure you have a good aftermarket crossover because it may result in overheating or permanently damaging the speakers. 

Top 3 Picks

Best Speakers for 50Wx4

That’s ok If you don’t want to go through all the trouble and read through everything. That’s why I just put this section where you can see the top picks and where to find them.

  1. JBL Stage 9603
  2. Sony XS-GTF6938
  3. Morel Maximo 69C

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Speakers For 4x50w

Here are some factors that I considered before choosing these speakers. As the frequency handling peak has to be 200 watts and more, and so are the other aspects, it was also tricky.

So, I will briefly walk you through the factors to give you an overall idea. Here are those;


Depending on your car’s capability and compatibility with your speakers affect the overall audio experience. You must be careful when choosing the right speaker depending on the type of bass you want, whether punchy, low and deep, etc.

Frequency Response:

If your speaker can handle low frequencies, you will get more deep and smooth sounds. And the higher the frequency range is, that’s also a plus point. Although, most modern speakers have a higher frequency response range.


The sensitivity is determined by the dB written on the specification of the speaker. The more sensitivity is, the smoother the sound will be. And ensure to check the compatibility of your speaker’s sensitivity with the car’s.

Power Handling:

In this case, this is the most crucial aspect. As mentioned, there should be four channels, each of which has to have the capability of a minimum of 50 watts. And I chose the speakers based on this single factor critically.


The ways also matter in this case as your preference. Many prefer only two courses in the speaker, whereas many prefer four tracks. Depending on that, you can choose how many ways you want in your speakers.

Besides these, which type of music or audio you’ll listen to also matters. Having a dynamic range among all these has its advantages. 

So, I chose the top three speakers that meet all these criteria. Let’s have a quick overview.

3 Best Speakers For 4x50W Detailed Review

Here I will go through all the aspects and details to give you a proper understanding of these speakers.

1. JBL Stage 9603

JBL Stage 9603

The JBL Stage 9603 is known for its fantastic sound. With an excellent bass extension, stage 9603 can be the perfect companion in your car. Besides these;

  • It has 210 watts of maximum power handling capacity. And it generally can go for continuous use at around 70 watts.
  • With three different speaker types, it can give you any kind of sound experience you want.
  • On the other note, the subwoofer diameter is 6 Inches. It means that you’re going to get a smoother and deeper sound.
  • It has two tweeters installed, a super piezoelectric tweeter, and another PEI-balanced dome tweeter. With these, you have complete control of the direction of the sound.
  • If you want to vibrate your car with it, you can. You need to get an equalizer and control the general settings.
  • With a 45Hz to 20kHz frequency rating and sensitivity level of 92 dB, the speaker can play even the lower frequencies in a deeper sound and bass.

If you want a budget-friendly and one of the loudest speakers you can get your hands on, this is the one you should get.

2. Sony XS-GTF6938

Sony XS-GTF6938

The Sony XS-GTF6938 exceeds the power handling level of the previous, which is 420 watts. But that’s the peak rating. It can endure a power range of 50 watts on a continuous level.

That’s not all! Additionally;

  • The diameter is 6×9 Inches which fits most of the car’s audio setup. You can also customize the configuration.
  • With a 92 dB of sensitivity level, you will get a more profound bass experience.
  • The frequency level starts from 40 Hz, which means that the speaker can get the lower frequencies, and the level ends at 22k Hz.
  • The channel is designed three ways, and you won’t need to worry about the volume range.
  • It has a carbon fiber woofer, which gives you a clear vocal and audio experience, not to mention the fantastic bass.

It is one of the best overall speakers with excellent value for money. 

3. Morel Maximo 69C

Morel Maximo 69C

One of the underrated and best coaxial speakers is the Morel Maximo 69C. It has one of the max power handling ratings, 100 watts. Not to mention the peak handling level of 200 watts.

As for the other aspects;

  • It has a ferrite magnet, and because of that, it can produce a clean and clear bass.
  • The subwoofer has extra cone coating, which doesn’t come with other speakers. It enables the speaker with a more dynamic and linear response.
  • The Morel has its signature tweeter design specifically made for its speaker. Because of that, you will feel a deep yet warm audio experience.
  • With a 45Hz to 20k Hz frequency response level, it has a fantastic power frequency response.
  • With four channels built, you won’t need to worry about the audio range.

With the overall specialized tools and general aspects, it has everything you want for your car audio.

Comparison Table

Here’s a table from which you can compare these speakers based on their specifications.

AspectsJBL Stage 9603Sony XS-GTF6938Morel Maximo 69C
TypeCoaxial, Woofer, TweeterWooferWoofer
Power Handling70 watts (Peak 210 watts)50 watts (Peak 420 watts)50 watts (Peak 200 watts)
Frequency Response45 Hz to 20k Hz40 Hz to 22k Hz50 Hz to 20k Hz
Sensitivity92 dB94 dB92 dB
Impedance4 ohm4 ohm4 ohm
PriceCheck On AmazonCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Last Words

I will conclude this with a generalized verdict. If you want the best overall, the JBL Stage 9603 should be your choice. 

On the other hand, Sony XS-GTF6938 gives you the loudest sound and fantastic bass, whereas Morel Maximo 69C is built for deep and smoother audio.

Each has its capabilities and gives you a fantastic audio experience. Let me know which one you went for. And, if there is any more query, let me know in the comment section.

Good Luck! 

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