How to Connect Sony Subwoofer to Soundbar Without Remote? [3 Ways]

If you want to add some extra bass to your sound system and ensure an overall stunning sound quality in your home theater, there’s no better alternative to connecting a Sony subwoofer to your soundbar to get your desired results.

Wait, what? You can’t find the remote control of your soundbar? Well, in that case don’t worry because we know of some secret ways through which you can still connect them up together.

Without further ado, let’s explore together how to connect Sony subwoofer to soundbar without remote.

how to connect sony subwoofer to soundbar without remote

Top 3 Ways to Connect Sony Subwoofer to Soundbar Without Remote

Although all home theater systems of all brands are sold to customers along with a remote control, the manufacturers also understand that it’s quite usual to not find where the remote is at crucial moments. Sometimes, the remote control may suddenly get damaged or stop working out of the blue. That’s why the manufacturers always feature some additional settings through which the customers can still connect external devices to their soundbar without requiring access to the remote.

Let’s discuss some of those ways below:

1. Using Speaker Wires

This is the simplest method on our list and it has worked out for most people we know.

Yes, with a good-quality audio cable such as an auxiliary cable or RCA, you can easily connect your Sony subwoofer to your Soundbar.

Simply, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Subwoofer Output’  and then connect it to ‘Soundbar Input’. (P.S: For Soundbar with multiple inputs and jacks for cables, find an output that is specifically labeled as “Subwoofer or Sub Out”.)

2. Using an App

Did you know? You can connect, disconnect, reset and adjust your subwoofer remotely from any part of the world? Yes, even if you’re physically far away from your subwoofer, you can still have full control over it, with the help of this useful app called “Sound Connect”.

We recommend downloading the app on your smartphone/iPhone from Play Store or Apple Store. To be able to pair the subwoofer to your device in the app, make sure you have a strong WiFi connection and the Bluetooth is activated on both – subwoofer and your phone.

Once the subwoofer is paired with your phone in the app, you’ll easily be able to connect your Sony Subwoofer now to multiple sources, such as a TV, a Sounbar, Receiver, Amplifier etc.

3. Using Bluetooth

If your subwoofer is compatible with Bluetooth and your speakers support Bluetooth integration as well – you just got lucky! You can pair them up via Bluetooth easily.

First off, make sure the Bluetooth is activated on both of them. Once both are in pairing mode, keep them close to each other within the range. Next, search for available Bluetooth devices nearby on your soundbar and click on the model name of your Sony Subwoofer once it pops up.

The LED bulb sensor will blink and flash a color to denote that the pairing up was successful.

4. Using Optical Cables

Let us clear one thing before you get all excited. You can only try this method if your soundbar features an ‘Optical Input’ for cables and at the same time if your subwoofer has an ‘Optical Output’ jack.

If yes, then use a decent-quality optical cable that is longer than 10 mm and connect one end of the cable to your subwoofer and the other end to your soundbar port. Lastly, now adjust the volume settings to your liking.

5. Perform ID Set

This method is honestly the most complicated and challenging one out of all. We will try our best to guide you in plain simple language.

The soundbar and subwoofer’s power cords should be attached to the back of each device before being plugged into a wall socket.

On the subwoofer’s back, press the ID SET button using a tiny, pointed item.

Hold the button down until STANDBY shuts off and the LINK (Blue LED) starts to blink swiftly for a few seconds.

For the next step, press and hold the ‘Mute’ button for 5 seconds on the remote control when the soundbar is not in use.

It should be noted that some soundbar models come with an ID SET button that can be used in its place. Otherwise, the ID SET must be performed by the remote control. Try holding the ‘Up’ button if the ‘Mute’ button does not trigger ID SET. It’s also a good idea to consult the user manual for your soundbar for instructions if neither of those solutions work.

Hold the button down until the soundbar’s display shows ID SET. Turn on the soundbar while the subwoofer’s Blue LED is still blinking to complete the connection.

The blue LED should be solid at this point because the main unit and the subwoofer are linked. The procedure was unsuccessful if the blue LED was still blinking. Don’t be upset in that case, just restart from the beginning and turn off the soundbar.

How to Disconnect Sony Subwoofer From Soundbar

Disconnecting a Sony subwoofer from a Soundbar is much easier and less time-consuming than it takes to connect them. Follow our simple guidelines:

Step 1: Go to the Soundbar’s ‘Menu’ option and select ‘Settings’

Step 2: Select “Audio Output” and then next select the “Subwoofer” option.

Step 3: Afterwards, you’ll notice on the right side of the screen a blue button with a minus sign next to it. That is the ‘Disconnect’ button. Press that to disconnect your subwoofer.

Wrapping Up

If you want to elevate the audio quality of your soundbar to the next level, there’s no better alternative than to connect a subwoofer to your soundbar and get everyone on the dance floor in your next house party. We’ve discussed multiple ways to connect them up together, we are hopeful that one of them will work out for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I manually connect my Sony subwoofer to my soundbar?

Answer: If your remote control is damaged or can’t find it, you can manually connect your Sony subwoofer to your soundbar via Bluetooth or using TOSLink/Optical/Aux cables.

2. Why is my Sony subwoofer not working with my soundbar?

Answer: There could be some technical/internal issues such as tangled wires or damaged wiring set, loose cable connection, Bluetooth not turned on properly, faulty power supply sources, incorrect cable input, wrong audio settings etc. If you’re struggling, you can ask a professional technician to come and do a quick diagnosis.

3. Why is my soundbar not pairing with my subwoofer?

Answer: If your soundbar is not pairing with your subwoofer, try doing the following things – disconnect the AC power cord of your subwoofer and plug it back in after a while; doing a factory reset on your speakers; resetting subwoofer; replacing the old cables for better ones and try plugging them into a different wall outlet.

4. How do I reset my Sony Subwoofer?

Answer: Press and hold the power buttons on your Sony soundbar and your Sony Subwoofer to switch them off. After a while, turn them back on. It should reset both the devices to factory settings.

5. Why is the subwoofer light red on my Sony soundbar?

Answer: It may suggest that the pairing up or connection you were trying to make wasn’t successful. So you’ll have to attempt again and restart from the beginning.

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