Why Is My Subwoofer Cutting Out Home Theater?

A complete home theatre without a subwoofer? Is that even possible? For an immersive surround sound experience, a subwoofer is a must. The subwoofer combined with the speaker adds elegance and majestic surround sound experience to your home theatre.

However, there are some issues often faced by people addressing the subwoofer. The most notable one is the subwoofer cutting out home theatre.

I have personally faced it once so I know how annoying it gets. That is why I have come up with an article carrying out the probable reasons for this issue. Additionally, I would be talking about the possible solutions so be there till the end!

9 Reasons For Subwoofer Getting Cut Out From Home Theater

Why Is My Subwoofer Cutting Out Home Theater

When you suddenly notice that the subwoofer cuts from your home theater- more like a humming or dropping buzz sound that breaks through all the way. Leading to a disrupted sound experience. Well, that could take place due to a number of reasons.

1. Signal interruption: Since it is about subwoofers, these days they are usually wireless. So you randomly place it at one corner of your room. Without noticing the presence of other wireless or electronic devices around it. Such as your CCTV, microwave, router, and so on.

2. Faulty IC circuit: This is another common problem leading to a problematic subwoofer. The IC circuit of the subwoofer might fuse or burst. Or the voltage might drop.

3. The bass issue: The bass of the subwoofer might get a lower range and turn out faulty. In that case, it could result in cutting out.

4. Distance: As I mentioned, placing the subwoofer far apart from the source could result in cutting out the home theater. This is a random mistake we all do. Your speaker’s port should face the soundbar.

5. Disconnecting wire: Kids and pets! They are always there for messing with wires unknowingly. So it often gets cut or disconnected. And thereby, you face this issue. Make sure that the home theater along with the subwoofer is securely connected.

6. Broken RCA cable: Sometimes, it all might happen due to the broken RCA cable. It might get disrupted, crack or even fuse. In this case, you need to get a new pair.

7. Subwoofer output level: This is a common mistake we intend to make. Often the subwoofer output level or the bass turns down low. In that case, turn up the bass level and check if that works.

8. Internal amp on the sub: The internal amp on the sub might break down or turn defective. In this case, you need to take it to a repair shop.

9. Menu settings and switch outlet issues: Though it sounds unimportant yet you should check the menu settings of the input source. Let’s take TV as an example. Often someone randomly changes it and thus fails to respond to the subwoofer. Moreover, the switch outlet may also turn defective. In that case, try switching to a new one.

Do You Need Technician or Expert helps?

A Quick Fix Tip That Solves This Problem

Sometimes resetting the subwoofer leads to the end of this problem. It might be temporary but often it saves a lot of frustration. To reset,

  • Plug out the subwoofer and the home theater from the power source.
  • Keep it like that for 10 minutes
  • Now replug them again
  • Switch off the auto power function. Or check if there is a RESET button. Press that for 30 seconds at least.
  • Now check if everything works well.

Solutions That Could Prevent The Subwoofer From Cutting Out

Solutions That Could Prevent The Subwoofer From Cutting Out

This section would include all the possible solutions concerning this annoying problem. If you have tried the pro tip and are still stuck in this mess, consider trying out these solutions.

  1. Removal of nearby electronic devices: To prevent the subwoofer from cutting out, check whether there is any other electronic system device nearby such as a CCTV camera, microwave or router. That could block or interrupt the signals so the subwoofer fails to connect and respond to the home theater. In that case, you need to keep such devices at a minimum distance from the subwoofer.
  1. Inspect the circuit board: The circuit board always turns out to be defective. You can unscrew the home theater and bring out the circuit board. And check whether any of the circuits are fused or burst. Check every corresponding audio input and output. If the sound is not coming properly, there could be an IC problem. Check the IC’s using a digital multimeter.  Replacing the faulty IC circuits would fix this issue. 
  1. Replace the faulty bass: Sometimes the subwoofer is alright and the IC’s are also good. But the bass keeps cutting out. In that case, use a multimeter. Place the red wire on the home theater’s heatsink whereas the black one on the subwoofer. Usually, the 4no. pin of the board goes to the subwoofer. To inspect it, use the multimeter. It will beep once and then show you the value. If the value turns out to be 500-550. Then the range is very low. That means it is defective and needs replacement. Now install the new IC and check if everything works smoothly or not.
Tip: Before you place a new IC, don't forget to apply the heatsink compound on it. Otherwise, it might burst or fuse.
  1. Manual settings for TV: If you are using a TV or any other input source, go to MENU and then hit on SETTINGS. Look for the SOUND option and check if you get AV Sound Adjustment mode. Turn it on. Now switch off your TV and switch it back on. And check whether your problem gets resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part, I’d like to talk about some frequently asked questions by people. A lot of people face this problem and they fail to understand where the problem starts initially and how to start. So I thought adding these FAQs might help them understand better and adapt quick fixes asap.

How do I know if my home theatre subwoofer is blown?

When your subwoofer gets too much power beyond its capacity to handle or faces a disrupted broken channel, that means it gets blown and turns faulty. However, you’d understand that easily simple by the sound coming from the subwoofer. The sound doesn’t come clearly. It hums and breaks down and gets really annoying.

What does a blown subwoofer sound like?

The sound gets distorted, disrupted, and broken. It gets annoying when you increase the bass volume. But if there is no sound coming at all from the subwoofer, then it means it is fused or blown completely.

Is it worth repairing a subwoofer?

You might be able to fix it instantly. However, it doesn’t work in the long run. Sooner or later, you have gotta replace it with a new one.

How do I fix my subwoofer low volume problem?

If your subwoofer is facing a low volume problem, check its motor.  The battery of the motor might drain or the fuse might blow. In that case, you need to take it to repair.


Hope all your queries are resolved concerning the distorted subwoofer from the home theater. If the above tips fail in your case, don’t lose hope. Taking it to a repair shop and seeking the help of a professional technician would help you to get rid of this problem eventually. 

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