Bose Tv Speaker Not Turning On? Try These Solutions

The major concern of a Bose tv speaker not turning on includes many reasons. The most common issue is regarding power sources. Checking all the necessary connections might allow you to turn your Bose tv speaker instantly.

Bose tv speaker is globally popular with many features. Sometimes it shows some problems with the speaker. I will let you know about all the probable reasons of why your Bose tv speaker is not turning on along with solutions. Perhaps, you might not suffer from this problem in the future. 

Probable Reasons For Bose TV Speaker Not Turning On

Probable Solutions Of Bose TV Speaker Not Turning On

From a survey, it has been observed that the maximum issues regarding this topic are minor. These can be easily repaired by the users. But before solving you need to know about the problems properly. At first, you will be informed about the probable reasons for Bose tv speakers not turning on. 

1. Power cable and power source issue: This is the most common reason for Bose tv speakers. Due to the poor connection with the switches, the speaker of the Bose TV is not usually turned on sometimes. 

2. Issues with the remote control: Perhaps the speaker inside of your device is completely okay but the issues are with the remote that you are operating. Check the remote you are using, especially the battery.

3. The problem is with the settings of the speaker: Usually, many types of users can handle a bose tv. Whenever the remote control is in the hand of multiple persons, there is a chance the settings will be changed somehow.

Usually, the authority of the Bose tv provides a detailed guideline which settings you need to use. Have a look at whether the default settings are changed or not. If it is changed then there are chances, the speaker will not operate properly.

4. Internal components are damaged: Speakers have been vulnerable components that can be damaged under some circumstances. You need to observe whether all the necessary components are properly assembled or not; You need to have a good idea regarding this topic. 

5. Wiring issues: Make sure, all the wires are necessarily connected. If the wires are not properly connected with different sockets then you might not find the speaker working well. The first thing you need to do is to check the wiring connections so that they can be properly assembled. 

6. Overheating: Overheating is another reason that might destroy some of your internal circuits. Overheating allows to produce of ground current that can not to escape properly. The main affected area of a speaker due to overheating is the cooling fan. This can be a reason for that, your device is not connected properly.

You have already gone through the probable reasons of the Bose TV speaker not turning on. Before jumping into the solution I would like to recommend going through these problems properly. Whenever you are sure of the problem, then you need to know about the solution of that particular problem.  

Do You Need Technician or Expert helps?

Probable Solutions Of Bose TV Speaker Not Turning On

Bose Tv Speaker Not Turning On

Time to learn about the solutions to these issues. The solutions are typically very easy to solve. In very few cases, there is a need for technicians. So, I believe by going through this section, you can easily solve the problem you are facing. I tried to cover all the necessary solutions after extensive research. 

The steps of solving Bose Tv speaker not turning on can be solved by following the below steps.

1. First, you need to turn on the device. Then check whether any update is pending or not. Checking this is the first step of solving the problem. After that, make sure all the updates have taken place properly.  After getting all the updates, you can restart your device.

2. Sometimes, settings can be changed by users. In such cases, you need to find the user manual of your device. Then you can reset your settings. At the default settings, the speaker will be turned on automatically.  To go to the default settings, follow the below steps.

  • Check the middle right of your remote. You will find an icon with the keys.
  • Press the button. You will find some options.
  • From there scroll down, at the 5th position you will find the reset option.
  • Press that button to automatically reset the settings of your device.

3. The problem can reside inside your remote control also. That is why make sure whether your remote control is giving a proper signal or not. If not, diagnose the remote control. But if it is not working properly, you need to buy a remote again. Bose authentic remote controls will allow you to solve the issue again. You can buy it from here. 

4. Customer care is a good option for grabbing any solution. So, if all the previous things are not working properly it might be a hardware issue. Then contact customer care for getting services from them.

I already let you know about the probable reasons and solutions for Bose tv speakers not turning on. The issues must be addressed properly by you. Whenever you find a problem, next you need to find the solution associated with it. 

Bose tv is a globally renowned brand. There are chances you will find too many questions about problems related to this device. I would like to inform you about some of the frequently asked questions regarding Bose tv. I also recommend you go through these sections so that you can acquire some additional information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Bose speaker turn on after charging?

Battery depletion can be the most probable reason here. I recommend connecting to power for 15 minutes. As a result, it will receive enough charge. Now try to turn on your device. Hopefully, it will work.

Can you turn on a Bose tv speaker without a remote?

Bose tv provides a unique feature called auto-wake. Through this feature, the device can be handled without the help of a remote. For this, you need to click the settings options at first. 

You will find different options there, from there select my Bose option. Now, you need to select the “my product” option. In the below, you will find the “auto wake” option. You need to turn on the option in order to avail of this feature. 


There are many issues that can take place whenever you are using a Bose tv speaker. Facing a problem with the speaker is not at all uncommon. Some tricks will help you to keep your speaker fresh and healthy.

Even if you are facing a problem with the speaker, then you must go through the problems demonstrated by me. Make sure you have found the proper one. Your user manual will help you a lot. Apart from that, you can have a look at the solutions provided by me. These will help to get a proper idea of how to solve these issues. So, that is all for today. Take care!

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