A Beginner’s Guide: How To Use Speaker Without Woofer?

Well, you can handle your speaker without a woofer. There are multiple ways to work this plan. The frequency at the lower Octave might create some problems. Yet, speakers have different modules to resolve this issue. You need to have a piece of detailed knowledge about your speaker.

When you are looking to run your speaker without a woofer, several shortcomings can arise. You need to understand all the internal detailing then you can decide whether you are alright with Woofer or not. The best practice is to learn some tricks regarding this. So, go for how to use a speaker without a woofer.

Disadvantages of using a Speaker Without a Woofer

How To Use Speaker Without Woofer

Frequency is an important factor when you are talking about Woofers. Certain things need to be compromised when you are not using a woofer with your speaker. You need to know the details of each of them.

1. Lackings in Power: The power handling of a woofer is mentioned by the name of RMS power level. For matching a woofer to an amp or head unit, one always needs to maintain the RMS power level.

If the power level of the woofer does not match with the amp then you can have a degradation in speaker level. Similarly, when you are using a speaker without a woofer than a similar issue can happen. The speaker might fall into a power shortage.

2. Extreme speaker sensing sensitivity: This thing is directly related to the volume of a speaker. When a woofer is not attached to a speaker, the intensity of the volume might be down at any time. Without proper action, this can seriously affect the quality of the sound system.

3. Level of Impedance: Maintaining the proper impedance is also another vital task of woofers. Without using a woofer, the impedance level of a certain speaker might increase at any moment. 

As a result, the sound wave might not be amplified properly. Sound with a lower signal quality might not be amplified then. Some of the sounds might be lost. Modern technologies are required to solve this issue.

4. Shape issue of the speaker: You might find it funny after knowing the caption, but the truth is speakers with woofers remain in better shape. Distortion is not introduced here. When a signal is distorted, it might hamper the internal structure of your speaker.

Alternatives of Woofer to Attach In Music System

Disadvantages of using a Speaker Without a Woofer

Woofer does not have any direct alternatives when it comes to changing the amplitude of a specific signal. In such cases, you can use the below things in order to perform the required task done by the woofer in an easier way.

Eliminating the woofer from the speaker will have some effects, but if you can set up all the things properly then your speaker will work in a precise way. For getting a better bass experience, you need to integrate an additional bass module.

  1. Use highly technologically sub-equipped Logitech speakers: A sub-equipped Logitech speaker is capable of producing high-frequency sound without the help of any woofer. Apart from that, amplifying and filtering is performed automatically to increase the intensity of sound.
  1. High technological bass module: Replace the woofer with an appropriate bass module if you have a sizable budget. As a result, the missing bass can be found. However, a woofer can increase the surround sound by separating the treble from the bass. These advantages are not available from regular bass modules.

How to Use Speaker Without Woofer

Some of the best speakers without woofers

Previously, you have gone over the advantages of woofers along with the alternatives of woofers to replace them. Now, if you are really interested in using speakers without a woofer then the below steps are important for you.

Step-1: Determining the parameters Range of Bookshelf Speakers

Subwoofers are not easily replaceable when you are seeking the best music experience. Now, you need to know some of the parameter details before working on that sector. The parameters are discussed in detail.

  1. Range of frequency: The primary task of a woofer is to increase the range of frequency to provide soothing music. Now, if your speaker has a proper bass module, then you can carry on that speaker without any woofer. So, make sure your speaker has a good bass module.
  1. Built-in amplifier: If the speaker consists of a built-in amplifier then you can easily amplify any sort of music. The noisy signal then gets discarded, and you can experience the best music.
  1. Level of Impedance: Well, you might have learned about these parameters recently. The impedance of a speaker refers to the resistance capability of a bass module. Woofer sometimes allows the speaker to control the impedance. But if you are running the speaker without a woofer, you have to make sure the speaker has a lower level of impedance.
  1. Rectifying Noise: A speaker without a woofer must have to know how to rectify noise. The function is available in speakers that are high in quality. So, make sure the speaker you are using is able to rectify the noise. Except that, noisy speakers will make your life miserable.
  1. Presence of ground loop: Sometimes free electrons allow to create noise inside the signal. Make sure there is an escaping side available through which the free electrons can move faster. So, you need to check the specification in order to identify whether any ground loop is available in the circuit or not.

Step 2: Select the Position of the Speaker

Positioning is an important factor in order to run the speaker without any woofer. The immediate solution is to place the speaker in the corner of the room where no sound distortion is available. So, you need to select the position of the speaker based on some criteria.

1. Position of the speaker in the room: When you are using a speaker without a woofer, then it is a vital factor. You need to choose a suitable position in order to solve this issue. The easiest solution is to position the speaker in the corner of the room. In such placemats, the speakers will not excite any standing waves easily.

2. No products of glass around the speaker: Even if distortion rises, you need to make sure no glass products will be available around the speaker. The presence of glass products can be broken due to excessive distortion. 

Though in high-quality brands no such problem is usually created. But for safety, you always ignore this practice.

3. Make a distance from the wall: Another fundamental rule in order to run a speaker without any problem is keeping the speaker away from the wall. Usually, a range of 2-5 feet is recommended by me. Wall can be penetrated through the impedance level.

In such a case, you need to save your wall from scratch and your speaker from further harm. So, maintain a distance of 2-5 feet in order to keep your speaker safe. This is a mandatory thing.

Step 3: Change the settings of your speaker

Now, you need to make some changes to the internal settings of your speaker. Then you are ready to use it without any woofer.

1. Change the frequency level: As mentioned earlier, the primary task of the woofer is to provide intense frequency to the user. You need to go to the settings and increase the level of frequency. Recommendation of using it within 500 – 9,000 Hz. So, choose an option between them.

Then the speaker will be able to provide the intense frequency that a woofer can provide. So, your first task is to perform this thing using your speaker.  After that, you can focus on other things.

2. Change the amplify option to “ effective”: You need to make sure that your speaker is performing necessary amplifying tasks. You need to switch the mode to “Effective” in order to amplify any sound. Without this, the bass module will remain unable to provide you necessary music experience.

3. Use a bass module: This is another important factor. Woofer usually provides bass for user entertainment. There is a huge chance of missing bass if you are not using a woofer. I suggest using a bass module in order to get the same music experience.

The Bose Bass Module is one of the best bass modules available in the market. You can have a try in order to experience the best music experience. Without proper bass, you might feel the sound is boring. 

Some of the best speakers without woofers

1. Pyle Audio System: This is one of the best audio systems without any reverb delay. This audio speaker will give you the best experience in listening to intense music. The power consumption is very less.

This speaker follows antijamming technology, where no amount of bass will be missing out. Taking these things into account, you can have a look at this speaker. The price is also at a standard level. It is one of the most used speakers globally.

2. Logitech Z9: Logitech Z9 is another music system that is very much known for its lower power consumption. Beats are properly heard with no frequency failure. Distortion is very less. The price is also at a cheaper level, so you can give a shot at this speaker.

Frequently asked questions about how to use the speaker without any woofer

Can I use a speaker without an amplifier?

Passive speakers are available in order to run a speaker without any amplifier. So, you need to buy a passive speaker first. You need to go to the settings, and after that turn off the option of using the amplifier. Then your speaker is ready to entertain you without any amplifier.

Can you get bass without a woofer?

Yes, you can get bass without a woofer. But in most cases, you need to hear music without any amplification. Frequency intensity can also be a vital factor in such cases. I recommend using a speaker with a woofer for having a good bass.

Why do speakers need a subwoofer?

Because most speakers in an audio or home theater system are unable to reproduce all the frequencies your audio source provides to them, subwoofers are essential. Some of the sounds will be lost if you don’t have a subwoofer.


Woofers allow you to enjoy the best quality music along with proper bass. Modern speakers are always recommended to use bass for an intense musical experience. Yet, you can use a speaker without any woofer. This will allow us to have the same experience but in a different way.

I have stated all the necessary setups and steps, on how to use the speaker without a woofer. If you are following these steps then, you can use it easily. I believe by the end of this discussion, you are already on the way to accomplishing your target.

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