How to Find Airpod Case Without Airpods Inside? Step-by-step Guide

Okay so you’ve stuck yourself in that extremely familiar situation – your AirPods case is missing, and you’re baffled where it may have vanished to.

Well, don’t panic! We’re here to hunt with you. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll be walked through the step-by-step process of finding your AirPods case even if the AirPods themselves aren’t inside.

Whether it’s stuck between the couch cushions or hiding in plain sight, we’ll help your Airpods reunite with its case. So, make sure to read on till the end.

How to find airpod case without airpods inside

Can You Track an Airpod Case Without the AirPods?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t really “track” an AirPods case without the AirPods present inside. The tracking functionality in AirPods is primarily designed to locate the AirPods when they are connected to your device. The case itself does not have any built-in GPS or tracking capabilities as such.

If you’ve lost both the AirPods and the case, you may need to rely on other methods like ‘Find My iPhone’ or searching manually.

Can You Track an Airpod Case With the AirPods Inside?

Luckily, yes! Tracking an AirPods case when the AirPods are inside is a breeze, especially if you’ve an iPhone or iOS device.

You can simply download the Find My app on your iOS device from the Apple Store. The Find My app allows you to locate both your AirPods and the case as long as they are within Bluetooth range of your paired iOS device.

This app will show you their last known location on a map and can also make the AirPods play a sound to help you locate them if they are nearby. This feature can be very helpful in case you misplace your AirPods or their case.

How to find airpod case without airpods inside- Find my iphone app
  1. Open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Devices’ tab.
  3. Look for your AirPods case in the list of devices.
  4. Once located, you can make your AirPods case emit a sound to help you find it.

However, what shall you do if you’re an Android smartphone user? Well, there’s no need to be upset. Apple introduced a service called “Find My Device” or “Find My iPhone” that allows you to track Apple devices, including AirPods, using a web browser on an Android device. You can access it by visiting the iCloud website ( and logging in with your Apple ID.

How to Find an Airpod Case Without Airpods Inside?

Okay, so let’s say you’re having a very unlucky day. You’ve lost both the Airpods and the Airpod case and they’re not even together, perhaps scattered in two different locations.

If your Airpods weren’t wirelessly connected to your iOS device prior to getting lost, there’s no point in downloading the app.

So what exactly should you do, apart from panicking?

Step 1: Remain Calm and Patient

Before you start frantically searching, take a deep breath. Panic won’t help you find your AirPods case. Remember, it’s just a tiny case, and it’s probably closer than you think. So, stay calm, grab a cup of tea if you like, and let’s begin the hunt.

Step 2: Revisit Your Last Known Locations

Retrace your steps to your last known location with the AirPods case. Did you use them in the living room, bedroom, or office? This simple step might jog your memory and give you a starting point for your search.

Step 3: Check Common Spots

Start your search in common spots where you usually keep your AirPods case. Some likely places include:

– Nightstand or Bedside Table: This is a common spot for many people to place their AirPods case.

– Work Desk: If you use your AirPods for work, check your desk and nearby drawers.

– Pockets and Bags: Sometimes, the case might end up in your jacket pocket or handbag.

– Couch or Sofa: Look between the cushions and under the couch – items often find their way there.

– Laundry Hamper: Check your dirty clothes in case you left the case in your pocket.

– Car: If you’ve used your AirPods in the car, check between the seats and under them.

Step 4: Enlist Help

If your search doesn’t yield any results, it’s time to bring in reinforcements. Ask family members or roommates if they’ve seen the case or might have borrowed it. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can spot what you missed.

Step 5: Listen for the Chime

How to find airpod case without airpods inside- Airpod pro case chime

AirPods cases are equipped with a chime feature. If your case still has some charge left, try this:

1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone.

2. Look for your AirPods case in the list of available devices.

3. Select it, and the case will emit a chime, making it easier to locate.

Step 6: Expand Your Search

If you’ve exhausted all the usual hiding spots, it’s time to get creative:

– Check under furniture and appliances.

– Look in unlikely places like the bathroom or kitchen.

– Investigate your coat pockets, gym bags, and even the refrigerator (you never know!).

– If you have kids or pets, check their play areas.

Step 7: Stay Positive and Patient

The key to finding your AirPods case is to remain patient and persistent. It might take some time, but it’s bound to turn up eventually. Remember, it’s just a matter of retracing your steps and checking every nook and cranny.

What to Do If Your Airpods Case is Permanently Lost?

If you were unable to trace your Airpods case after days or even weeks of hunting and searching, perhaps it’s better to move on and get a new one.

Contact Apple Customer Service helpdesk. Reach out to them for further assistance regarding your case. They can help you with options like ordering a replacement case. You can also get a replacement AirPods case from an authorized reseller or from eBay. Just make sure it’s compatible with your AirPods model.

Now you could be wondering whether Apple will be kind enough to offer you a free replacement of the case if your Airpods Warranty hasn’t expired yet.

Well, here’s the deal – Apple’s warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and hardware issues for a specific period, usually one year, from the date of purchase. However, if your case is lost or damaged due to accidental reasons, warranty coverage will not apply.

Anyways, once you have a new case, you can pair it with your existing AirPods by opening the lid and following the pairing instructions. To avoid losing your new case, consider using a protective case or attaching a keychain or lanyard for easier tracking.


Losing your AirPods case can be a minor inconvenience, but with these step-by-step guidelines and a positive attitude, you’re well-equipped to find it. Whether it’s in the depths of your couch cushions or tucked away in an unexpected place, your trusty AirPods case is waiting to be reunited with you. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to find airpod case without airpods inside iphone?

Answer: To find your AirPods case without the AirPods inside, you can use the “Find My” app on your iPhone. Open the app, tap on “Devices,” and select your AirPods case from the list to see its last known location.

2. Can you track an AirPod without the case?

Answer: No, you cannot track an individual AirPod without the case. The case acts as a bridge between your iPhone and the AirPods for tracking purposes.

3. Do AirPods have GPS?

Answer: AirPods themselves do not have GPS. They rely on the GPS of the connected iPhone to determine their location through the “Find My” app.

4. How to find lost earbuds?

Answer: To find lost earbuds, use the “Find My” app on your iPhone. Open the app, tap on “Devices,” and select your AirPods. The app will help you locate them based on their last known location.

5. Can the police track stolen AirPods?

Answer: While AirPods themselves do not have built-in tracking capabilities, if they are connected to an iPhone and the “Find My” feature is enabled, law enforcement may be able to assist in tracking them in certain situations. However, it’s essential to report stolen devices to the police and provide them with any available information.

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