How to Connect 2 JBL Speakers to iPhone

If you are looking for high-volume music output but don’t have a speaker setup for that experience, then having more than one JBL Bluetooth speaker can sort things out for you, as JBL Bluetooth speakers have the option to connect their speakers together to increase the volume of the speakers. 

It is there to give you an overall surround experience because the JBL connect feature lets you connect up to 100 of the JBL speakers all together at once, and it is totally hassle-free, without any wires or any complications. As we talk more, we will talk about how to connect two or more JBL speakers at once on your iPhone.

Is it possible to connect all types of JBL speakers? If not, then which ones?

How to connect 2 JBL speakers to iPhone

You may now wonder if all the JBL can be connected together to play your desired sound from your iPhone. Well, it actually cannot, as the speakers that only have features of JBL Connect, Connect Plus, and Party Boost are able to connect the speakers together at once. 

You also need to know that these features are not backward compatible and are only compatible with the speaker that has its features. Meaning a speaker that has JBL Connect Plus will not be able to connect itself with a speaker that has the Party Boost feature and vice versa. So, it is essential for you to know which speaker has which so that you are able to connect.

Following is the list of JBLS speakers based on their features, Connect, Connect+, and Party Boost. 

JBL Connect JBL Connect +JBL Party Boost
JBL Flip 3JBL Flip 4
JBL Boombox 2
JBL Charge 3JBL Xtreme 2JBL Xtreme 3
JBL Pulse 2JBL Pulse 3JBL Charge 5
JBL Clip 2JBL Charge 4JBL Pulse 4
JBL BoomboxJBL Flip 5
JBL Clip 4

Note: If you own a JBL Go, then, unfortunately, you need to upgrade as you won’t be able to connect multiple JBL speakers through it as it doesn’t have the features which we just mentioned. 

Process: How to connect 2 JBL speakers to iPhone

Is there any other way to connect my JBL speakers to my iPhone apart from Bluetooth

So, here are the steps to connect two or more JBL speakers on your iPhone. The way to connect will be through Bluetooth, as we are not using any wires. You may also be able to connect the speakers with the App, but that is simply more of a hassle because, through the speakers, you can simply do that with the press of a button. 

  1. Connect the Bluetooth of your iPhone from the settings menu or by swiping up. 
  2. Get your JBL Bluetooth speaker and turn it on. Remember that you only need one of your devices to be connected to your iPhone. Start playing the music to see if it works. 
  3. Take out your other JBL Bluetooth speaker, turn it on and hold the Bluetooth button so that it turns on as well. 
  4. Click on the Connect+ or Boost logo, which kinda looks like an infinite logo.
  5. After one or two seconds, you should have 2 JBL speakers connected to your iPhone. 
  6. If you want to connect more speakers to your primary speaker, then simply connect the Party Boost, and it’ll get connected.

Note: Different generations of JBL Bluetooth speakers have different logos, so that will be like an identifier to see if your speakers are compatible with each when connecting together. The Party Boost has a curvy infinite Icon with a plus sign attached to it; the other two have a sharp infinite logo. 

Is there any other way to connect my JBL speakers to my iPhone apart from Bluetooth?

Is it possible to connect all types of JBL speakers

The newest JBL speakers, the majority of them, don’t even have any AUX or any other cable connectivity source. Still, the cheaper or older version does have aux connectivity. Some of the latest Charge, Pulse, and Xtreme JBL speakers have AUX connectivity, 

So you are required to get apple’s Lighting port to a 3.5 mm adapter to connect your speaker to your iPhone if you want to connect it with your wire. And, if you want to connect it to your laptop, then you can use your USB device available at home. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I do if my JBL speakers are not connecting to my phone?

Ans: There can be a few reasons why your speakers are not connecting, and it may require some cross-checking. Like, your software may have become outdated, or the latest software probably doesn’t support your JBL speaker, which has become a bit old. It can also happen due to silly reasons, such as since the BlueTooth is already turned, it may have gotten connected to another device, or it has already been connected to your desired device. Also, you probably have profiles on your BlueTooth saved devices with the same name. 

What is the connectivity range of the Bluetooth speakers? 

Ans: For the JBL connect and connect+ devices, you are not supposed to go beyond 30 feet when linking the speakers. And, when you are using Party Boost JBL speakers, you can keep the speakers in the range of around 60 feet. A buddy of mine tested the range and realized the distance between the speaker could be around half an acre; he basically went from his backyard to his room to test the distortions and was quite impressed. 

What is the difference between JBL Connect, Connect Plus, and Party Boost?

Ans: The most significant difference between the three features is that they are not backward compatible because you won’t be able to link Party Boost to Connect Plus or the following. Aside from that, the other differences come from the devices’ compatibilities based on the product’s versions, its frequency coverage, and of course, the number of devices it is able to connect. For the JBL speakers that have the Connect feature cannot connect 100 plus devices, whereas the speakers that have to connect plus and party boost can not be beyond 100 JBL speakers. 

Wrap Up! 

Thus, I hope I have been able to help in making sure that you are able to connect your JBL speakers to your iPhone. Even though the issue is easy to solve, I still tried to be as thorough as possible so that you know what to do as far as knowing which variants of speakers can connect to which ones. 

The process, in a nutshell, is simply to turn on the Bluetooth of both your phone and speaker, start playing the music, then click on the linking button of your JBL speakers, and you should be good to go. It indeed is a hack if you don’t have a speaker setup. JBL is all about convenience. 

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