Finding the Right Fit: Will 6×8 Speakers Fit in 6×9?

Yes, 6×8 speakers will fit in 6×9. The main difference is in the size of the tabs and hole size. If they are long enough, a 6×8 speaker can easily fit a 6×9. But, sometimes, the mounting bracket is handy as they help stabilize and place them securely.

Besides, as I am assuming you’re going to fit a 6×8 speaker in your car’s front or rear door or both doors, there is some difference to know and some factors to consider.

I will also show you step by step process and a few tips on how you can fit the speaker. Let’s get into the factors first!

Factors to Consider For a 6×8 Speaker

Will 6x8 Speakers Fit in 6x9

As you have already learned that you can fit in your 6×8 speaker, but there are some factors you need to consider first, such as speaker type, system, compatibility, sensitivity, size, etc. 

Primary Size Difference: As the number suggests, there is a slight difference between the two dimensions that we need to consider. Besides, the cone sizes are different. That might not affect the installation process, but you must be careful about placement.

Speaker Types: What type of speaker you’re getting is essential as they come with many differences. When you get a full-range speaker, they are comparatively cheaper, and you can install them easily. On the other hand, when you get a component speaker, you are getting both small and big speakers. They can be a bit expensive but worth having.

Speaker System: In a speaker, a system is defined as how many extra components are added to make the audio experience better, more profound, and smoother. 

For example, two-way or coaxial speakers are equipped with a woofer and a tweeter. On the other hand, in a three-way system, there is an extra midbass along with a tweeter and woofer. The more the system, the better the sound quality is.

Compatibility: As you’re replacing your 6×9 speaker with your 6×8 speaker, you need to ensure compatibility between these. Generally, there shouldn’t be any issue if all the other requirements or aspects are matched. But, for the safety of your car, speaker, and yourself, double-check if there is any compatibility issue.

Size: Here, the size refers to the cone size of the speaker. As these speakers are slightly different in dimension, you must ensure that the 6×8 speaker size can fit into the hole. You will get the exact measurement in the manual book.

Power Range: No matter what type of speaker you get, the power consumption level of the system must align with each other. 

The factor is important because the previous speaker was per the required system, which is why it ran smoothly. But, as you’re getting a new speaker, that speaker must be in the needed range.

Besides, you also need to consider nominal RMS rating, peak RMS, and other power wattage and its required. You will find these in the speaker handbook to avoid any further inconvenience.

Sensitivity: Last but not least, sensitivity is another major factor when considering getting a speaker. If your new speaker’s sensitivity level is lower than the previous one, there is no point in getting a new one.

That’s why the sensitivity level must be reasonable and better than the previous one. Get one that can provide around or more than 90, so you won’t have to worry about these and can enjoy a better audio experience.

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Tools You Might Need

Steps to Fit 6×8 Speakers in 6×9

Before we get into the fitting process, some tools are required. Here is the list to walk you through;

  • Screwdriver / Drill screwdriver
  • Wirecutter
  • Dremel Cutter
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Sandpaper Sheets
  • Electrical Tape
  • Crimping Tool
  • Panel Removal Tool Set

We can start installing the speaker if you have everything you need.

9 Steps to Fit 6×8 Speakers in 6×9

Here’s the step-by-step guideline to fit a 6×8 speaker in 6×9 holes.

  1. There is a front door panel in your car. Disconnect all the parts in there.
  2. Then, You need to take the panel off. A panel removal tool set might come in handy.
  3. You will find screws that hold the 6×9 speaker. Get a screwdriver or a drill to unscrew them.
  4. When you’re taking the speaker, you will find a harness. Disconnect that.
  5. If the holes are in place, then place your 6×8 speaker. If not, face the speaker oppositely, and mark the spot placed in the panel. Get the Dremel cutter and cut those marked areas. Get sandpaper to smoothen the area. And then put the speaker.
  6. Get the mounting bracket to tighten it securely.
  7. Get the screws and put them back on.
  8. Carefully connect all the parts again in the panel area.
  9. Put the panel back on the right at its place and check whether the speaker is working fine.

These are very straightforward processes, and they won’t take much time, as you can see.

Benefits of Getting a 6×8 Speaker

Factors to Consider For a 6x8 Speaker

Now that you have installed your speaker, here are some benefits you will get.

  • These speakers are great for loud music and deep bass.
  • If you’re into RnB music, it’s perfect for you as it will give you an excellent audio experience with its surround sound tech.
  • The power handling capability for these speakers is impressive, and the range maximizes to 300 watts.
  • Most 6×8 speakers got around 90 dB of sensitivity level.
  • Besides, these speakers got an impressive frequency range, as low as 30 Hz. You can enjoy even the lowest-frequency music.

Last Words

As we can see, you can easily fit in a 6×8 speaker with some slight modifications. If you have all the tools in your garage, it won’t take you more than half an hour to finish the task.

Besides, the process is more and less similar to installing other speakers in different-sized holes. Let me know if you’re facing difficulties in the comment section regarding these issues. 

Until then, good luck!

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