5 Best Surround Sound System For High Ceilings

Planning to develop a complete surround sound system for your home? But you own a high ceiling and so you are in a dilemma to make the right choice. And you would never want to compromise with the sound quality, would you?

If so, then you have stepped onto the right article. This is where I will be sharing the 5 best surround sound systems for high ceilings. So worry not and let’s get started!

Buying Guide: You Must Consider Before Purchasing a Surround Sound System

Best Surround Sound System For High Ceilings

Before I move straight to our top picks, let’s get to know some basic stuff that you should consider if you are planning to purchase a surround sound system in the near future.

  • First things first. And it’s about your safety. We recommend purchasing special wires for in-ceiling speakers. Those are able to withstand fire or any other danger.
  • Next comes the sound quality. Although, sound systems deliver high-quality immersive surround sound. However, the sound quality relies more on the wiring and that is probably why you need to install it properly. A general rule of thumb is to keep the wire thick and short.
  • The size also matters. If you have a large room but you purchase a tiny soundbar or speakers, then it wouldn’t work out. The rule goes the same for subwoofers. It should also be compatible with the size of your room.
  • The outdoor climate also matters. So make sure that your ceiling is neither too moist nor too dry. Another thing that needs attention is humidity. You cannot place the surrounding system with extreme humidity.

Top 5 Surround Sound Systems Perfect For Your High Ceiling Home

Basically, surround sound is an audio technology that triggers the fidelity, rhythm, and depth of an audio or a soundtrack from multiple audio channels via the speakers. So it is actually the sound that surrounds you. Thereby, you get to enjoy the sound quality more than ever before. 

Now I am going to discuss the surround sound system that includes the two most important elements of your home theatre– The soundbar and the speaker. There are soundbars that feature true surround sound. For the speakers, you need 6 of them including a center speaker, a right and left speaker. Then again, there is a right surround speaker as well as a left one. And you also get a subwoofer.

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is expensive but very smart. It does have an HDMI arc but there is no separate HDMI cable. The other options include everything you’d expect from a soundbar. Let’s take a look at a few of its specifications.

Remote control: There’s a remote that isn’t quite necessary, I believe. If you use HDMI arc then your TV remote would be enough. The same case applies to smart speakers. In that case, your voice would simply do wonders.

Compatible size: Particularly, I am in love with the sleek and tender size of this soundbar. It’s just two feet and fits underneath your TV easily. It won’t overtake your room space. Rather, it will make the complete surround system look smart and aesthetic.

Very easy setup: Another thing that is really complimentary is their easiest setup in terms of connection. Once you turn it on, just download the Bose Music App. And then it will automatically get in touch with the soundbar by tracking its signal. Its that easy! Next, all you need to do is connect to the Wi-fi and you are good to start!

Flexible streaming options: Once you are done with the setup, connect to your favorite streaming devices. Be it Amazon, Spotify, and so on. However, there is no option available for Apple music yet. In that case, you could use Airplay.

Impressive sound quality: The sound quality is extraordinary. It is very very clear and you’d be able to notice the very minor stuff in detail. If you rely on sound quality for your surround sound system, then this could be your perfect choice undoubtedly!

Excellent Smart Assistant feature: The built-in Smart Assistant Alexa turns out to be brilliant in hearing. You don’t have to scream and shout. At your nominal voice pitch, it hears you clearly. And that is something you’d miss in some of the high-end soundbars as well. 

Smart features: The Bose soundbar has two speakers on both ends for left and right channels. There are also two channels in the middle as center channels. There is also a tweeter included for invoice clarity and that works awesome! Now for a complete wireless surround sound experience, you can hook up two rears and a sub.


  1. Easy setup
  2. A decent size that fits anywhere easily
  3. Excellent Alexa and Google Assistant
  4. Great streaming options


  1. Lacks audio room calibration automatically.
  2. There is an HDMI arc but no HDMI cable.

Honestly speaking, I really am a big fan of this decent yet premium soundbar. Highly impressive quality and is perfect for those high-ceiling rooms. You won’t miss a beat for your high ceiling which makes it extraordinary!

2. Sony HT SF200

Sony HT SF200

The Sony HT SF200 is another great surround sound system that comes with 2.1 audio. This is rated and recommended by a lot of users. Let’s have a look at its specifications below:

HDMI arc: This soundbar has an HDMI arc so you can connect it to your TV easily. Plus, you also get a built-in Subwoofer. 

S-force Pro Technology: For the virtual surround sound experience, there is S-force Pro technology. This technology works by being compatible with the total breadth and depth of a complete surround system. Thereby you enjoy a wider and deeper sound quality overall.

Clear Plus audio feature: Clear plus audio feature automatically changes or adjusts the speaker to sound best on any audio that you play through it. So every time you listen to a different audio track, you get to enjoy a different audio format in its best possible form.

Strong build-up material: This soundbar is comparatively thicker and denser so you can notice that the build-up material is really solid! And it feels good to see Sony preferring wood over some cheap plastic!

Surround sound system: On the front, there are two drivers powered by 25-watt two amplifiers. The frequency ranges from 200hz to 20000hz at most.

Extra bass effect: Meanwhile, there is a side-loaded port on the right and left sides. That gives you an extra bass effect.

Wall mounting options: On the back of the soundbar, you get two slots for wall mounting conveniently. The bottom of the soundbar includes a subwoofer with a 30-watt amplifier.

Touch control option: The soundbars these days usually lack this feature. Maybe because of their established app. But this one is different. In spite of providing a remote, this soundbar has touch control options to control. That includes the input button, volume, Bluetooth and so on. And there’s also an indicator to show which input you are using. 

Sensor feature: if you take a closer look at the soundbar, there is a little sensor that can turn on TVs as it is powered by IR. In cases when you place the soundbar underneath your TV and your remote suddenly fails to work. In that case, the speaker will pass the signal when you point the remote to the front of the soundbar. And this signal will get back to your source. That’s a cool distinguishing feature though, especially when you are using those old-school TVs.


  1. S-force Pro Technology
  2. HDMI arc
  3. Clear plus audio
  4. Sensor feature
  5. Strong build-up material
  6. Reasonable price


  1. Wouldn’t be a better option for larger rooms.

If you are talking about a surround sound system that offers you so much in a reasonable price, then this could be your best option indeed! 

3. JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar

JBL 5.1 Channel

If you are looking for a complete surround sound system that includes no annoying cables and wires scattered all through your house. Then gear up as we are talking about the JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD soundbar here. This soundbar also does wonders for high ceilings.

Detachable speakers: This cool piece comes with two detachable speakers and a subwoofer. These two speakers are magnetic so you can detach them easily for a badass surround sound experience. With up to 10hrs battery lifetime, they are wholesome. And guess what, they just need 3 hours to get fully charged! Place them behind your couch or anywhere you would like to- independently.

Subwoofer: Talking about the subwoofer, it is another marvelous thing that comes with this piece. Just set the subwoofer bass level and volume level to collaboratively create the magnificent surround sound effect. 

Connectivity options: It has plenty of connectivity options. It supports Bluetooth so you can connect it and stream online. Besides there are three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. There is also a USB port, a 3.5 mil audio jack, and more. 

Surround sound performance: In one word- fabulous! Just place the speaker behind your sitting position and you would be able to enjoy the surround sound experience like never before. For movies and music, it surely is top-notch. The subwoofer gives you an immersive shaking bass effect. You’d be totally impressed by its punchy, discrete, and deep dialogues. 


  1. Brilliant immersive surround sound experience.
  2. Plenty of connectivity options
  3. The subwoofer works great
  4. Detachable speakers
  5. No scattered cables


  1. While mounting on the wall, the detachable speakers are likely to sag. This doesn’t look good. However, there’s nothing that you could do against gravity.

Overall, this is going to be one of my top favorite surround sound systems! Hands down to the immersive surround sound effect! It’s unbeatable. 

4. Sony HT-S350

Sony HT-S350

If you are looking for a reasonable soundbar that adds to itself a subwoofer along with room-filling immersive surround sound, then you can check out this Sony HT-S350.: 

Sleek design: the design of this soundbar is pretty decent and sleek. It just fits under your 45” or higher size Tv easily. 

Faux leather finishing: If you take a closer look at the top, you will notice the smooth faux leather finishing. This prevents the soundbar from showing any fingerprints. Moreover, it does not cast tv reflections.

Wireless Subwoofer: The subwoofer is pretty large and comes in a black matte finish. At that price, it really is complimentary.

Speaker units: The soundbar includes two drivers facing forward on the left and right channels. Meanwhile, the wireless subwoofer has a large single driver and base port on the front.

Touch-sensitive options: This soundbar also includes touch options for volume and input source. Although it doesn’t include a display, there are LCD indicators that show the input source and power.

Input options: This soundbar supports optical inputs and one HDMI output. Sadly, it doesn’t have any HDMI or analog inputs.

Wall-mounted feature: This soundbar has wall-mounted options. It also comes with a wall mounting template so don’t forget to check that out.

Easy setup: The setup is too easy to ask for. Just plugin and connect the soundbar to your tv using HDMI arc or optical. The subwoofer also syncs automatically so no hassle at all.

Sound quality: The wireless subwoofer is powerful enough for 2.1 channel audio. Then again, there is Sony’s S-pro technology for delivering virtual surround sound. Too much at this price- really unbelievable!


  1. The wireless subwoofer is pretty good
  2. Easy setup
  3. Perfect design
  4. Wall-mounted option
  5. Touch-sensitive feature


  1. Unfortunately, it lacks an HDMI cable.
  2. No LED display.

At a reasonable price, if you are looking for a soundbar with a powerful subwoofer, then hit on this option asap!

5. Sony HT-G700

Sony HT-G700

If you are missing a soundbar that would work incompatible with the sound of your TV, then consider trying this surround sound system. With 400 Watt power and 3.1 channel of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility of the soundbar and subwoofer combined; it is gonna deliver true-to-life majestic surround sound. Which is unbelievable at this price!

Wireless subwoofer: It also comes with a subwoofer. So you get to enjoy an extra layer of deep cinematic surround sound. Place it on the ground and you’d be able to experience the room-shaking vibe all over.

Connectivity options: There are a handful of necessary connectivity options so the setup is really easy. There is a USB port, an HDMI input and an e arc HDMI output, and an optical cable connection. 

Easy setup: Just plug in the soundbar and the subwoofer to the mains and connect the HDMI/optical cable to the corresponding port of your tv. And that’s it.

Optical cables: These days the soundbars don’t usually come up with optical cables. But this soundbar provides optical cables in its packaging which is interesting. Because many of us don’t own it so we get an option to try it out right away.

Wall mounting feature: You will notice some screw mounts on the back that lets you wall mount the soundbar if you’d want to.

Third speaker integration: Compared to other models, this soundbar promises to give you impressive higher sound quality. With the integration of a third speaker, it delivers clear and discreet loud dialogues that you will surely notice.


  1. Easy setup
  2. Optical cables
  3. Wall mounting feature
  4. Wireless subwoofer


  1. Lacks side speakers

If you are looking for a soundbar in a fair reasonable price with complete Dolby atmos and immersive surround sound, then the Sony HT-G700 is what you are actually looking for.

Comparison Table

Surround Sound SystemKey SpecificationsAvailable On
Bose Smart Soundbar 300> Compatible size
> Easy setup
> Smart Assistant feature
> Flexible streaming options
> Lack auto-calibration
> No HDMI cable
Check here
Sony HT SF200> S-pro technology
> Clear plus audio
> Sensor feature
> Strong Build-up material
> Touch options
> Not suitable for larger rooms
Check here
JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar> Detachable speakers
> Great immerse surround sound
> Generous connectivity options
> Very good subwoofer
Check here
Sony HT-350> Powerful subwoofer
> Wall-mounting feature
> Touch options
> Easy setup
> Sleek design with smooth leather finishing
> Lacks HDMI input
Check here
Sony HT-G700> Provides optical cables
> Third speaker integration
> Wireless subwoofer
> Wall mounting feature
> No side speakers
Check here

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I am going to cover some frequently asked questions to help you clear your confusion addressing this issue. Hope this helps you further to choose your desired surround sound system.

Are ceiling speakers good for surround sound?

Ans: Definitely! Ceiling speakers are indispensable if you want true immersive surround sound. So that every minor thing you hear bounces off your walls and ceiling.

Where should I put my ceiling speakers in my surround sound?

Ans: No matter where you place it, make sure that they are in equal distances apart. In this case, I have tested that pacing the speakers 20-24 inches apart from the wall or the ceiling works best.

Are ceiling speakers good for music?

Ans: Of course! For a complete surround sound experience, ceiling speakers are a ust. So you’d feel like enjoying a concert every time you turn up your favourite audio.

How much does it cost to put in surround sound?

Ans: If you want a technician to put in and install your surround sound system, you would need $600-$700 on average. However, if you want extra wiring and other installation related to this, then you might cost about $200 or more.


There you go! Hopefully, you’d be able to choose and pick the right surround sound system for your home. And it will work smoothly in relation to the space and ceiling of your room. All these surround sound systems on the list are great for the ceiling. And also got wall-mounted templates so it gets easier for you.

Good luck!

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