Denon Receiver No Sound From Surround Speakers [Fix Now]

I have been using Denon receivers for over 3 years and I am really satisfied with their efficiency level and performance. However, sometimes there arise some problems.

You know, electronic devices are unpredictable and show up with unexpected issues. And a common one among them is that there is no sound coming from the surround speakers!

So, in this article, I am gonna share 6 mind-blowing hacks that will help you to get rid of this issue instantly. So gear up and read on to know the hacks!

Why Is There No Sound Coming From The Surround Speakers?

Denon Receiver No Sound From Surround Speakers

Before jumping to the solutions, give me a minute to explain a few reasons why you would experience this problem. So the surround speakers don’t play any sound due  to:

  • Loose connections! A common reason for all the annoying problems. You might ignore the fact but your surround speakers might not be properly connected to the A/V receiver. This wouldn’t help in transmitting the sound so there will be no audio from the speakers.
  • eARC Function Settings might not be set accordingly. If you have an eARC option, make sure to keep it in ON mode.
  • Configuration Problems could be another reason. In that case, you need to check and configure it accordingly.
  • Internal hardware problems of either the receiver or the surround speakers might also result in such problems. In that case, you gotta seek a technician or replace them.

A Quick Fix That Would Work Instantly

Here is a quick fix trick that would instantly help you deal with this annoying problem. If you are watching your favorite show and this problem shows up, try this trick:

  • Using the remote, set your Denon receiver to Surround Mode.
  • Now run a Test Function on your speakers. This is basically to detect a sound coming from each surround speaker.
  • If you notice a sound missing from a particular surround speaker, inspect whether the speaker cable of that particular surround speaker is secure or not.
  • If it gets loose, tighten the speaker cable between the channel and the speaker. If damaged, go for replacement.
  • Now check again if the problem persists or not.

Try These Hacks And Enjoy Clear Sound From Your Surround Speakers

Why Is There No Sound Coming From The Surround Speakers

Here comes these 6 hacks that will help you say goodbye to the *no audio* problem from your Denon receiver surround speakers.

You can follow these at home as these are super easy and convenient hacks. Totally gonna make your life easier, trust me! Let’s start:

1. Confirm That Your Content Service Is Compatible With Surround Audio

When there is no audio from surround speakers, the first thing that you should confirm is whether your service content/platform supports surround audio. In that case, you have to go to Settings and select the English 5.1 or 7.1 channel to enable the surround audio. 

And if this feature is missing in the Settings, that means your content itself does not support the surround sound feature. And that is probably why you are not getting any audio from the surround speakers.

However, the most popular content platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime support surround sound so if you are enjoying such platforms, just do the Settings change!

If you are using a Set-top Box, things get easier for you!

  • Just look for an exclusive Surround sound option, named Dolby Atmos or Digital Dolby.
  • Select this option and enjoy true surround sound music right from your Denon AV Receiver!

2. Turn On The Surround Sound Option Of Your TV As Well

Just as you enable the Surround audio option for your Content, you gotta do it for your TV as well. That means you have to set this option to 5.1 or 7.1 as available on your TV. Well, modern TVs usually have this operated automatically. Yet you have to set it manually for some brands. 

Hit the Settings=>Audio=>Surround Sound/Dolby Atmos/Digital Dolby=>ON and you are done!

3. Your Surround Speakers Should Be Connected According To The Specific Connection Type

The surround speaker connections must not be just secure. They should also be connected appropriately as per the connection type.

Usually, you can connect Denon receivers in two ways. Either it could be connected by 5-way binding posts or by spring clips.

When You Connect Via 5-way Binding Posts

Usually, the high-end Denon receivers get connected using the 5-way binding posts. Since it gives you a good number of connectors, it is efficient and versatile. Here I am going to guide you on how to connect via these binding posts:

  • Starting with the surround speaker, it includes spring clip connectors. Use some 10mm bare wire at the tip of the cable and twist it to the copper cable.
  • Make sure you correctly follow both the positive and negative sides of the bare speaker wire.
  • While you gently press on one of the spring clips, insert one end of the wire to the port of your surround speaker. This applies to both the positive and negative sides.
  • Next, remove the speaker wire at the other end of the cable and twist it securely.
  • Now move to the back of your receiver and loosen the speaker terminals by twisting them anti-clockwise.
  • You will come to see a hilt. Connect the wire to this hilt and tighten it.

Caution: If the positive and negative ends do not match with the speaker and receiver, the speaker might be dysfunctional and this will eventually affect the sound quality.

When You Connect Via Spring Clips

This connection is basically for the affordable range of Denon receivers. It is comparatively easier to install. However, it might lack durability and flexibility. So here goes the installation process:

  • This step is similar to the above connection type. You gotta strip a 10 mm bare wire and twist it to the copper cable. To strip the wire, use a wire stripper.
  • Now press the clips gently while connecting the bare wire to the terminal.
  • Once you connect, release your fingers off the clips and ensure the connection is secure. And you are done!

N.B The colored clip is the positive side whereas the blackened tip is the negative side. And make sure the polarities match this connection type as well.

4. HEOS App -> Surround Sound -> ON

If your Denon receiver supports HEOS App, then you gotta make sure that its surround sound option is ON. To work with the Settings:

  • Firstly, open up the HEOS App
  • Now move to Settings and follow My Devices
  • Select your receiver -> Speaker -> Surround Sound -> ON.

After following the steps, if you discover that your HEOS isn’t getting compatible with the surround speakers, go to Music Playback and tap Multi-channel stereo for better sound quality.

5. Change The Sound Mode On Your AV Receiver ( If Your Receiver Has No HEOS)

If your receiver has no HEOS App or you are just not comfortable with the HEOS App, don’t worry! You can change the sound mode right from your receiver as well. But the process might differ for models, so don’t forget to take a look at the owner’s manual before you start!

The general and easiest way is to press the Pure button and navigate the arrow keys accordingly to select the sound mode to Auto. However, if this method fails:

  • Check whether your content supports the surround sound mode. It could be Blu-Ray, Dolby Atmos, and so on.
  • Once you confirm the exact surround audio, press Movie. With the help of the arrows, choose your corresponding surround sound mode! That’s it!

6. Maintain Your Setup Properly

If you are running too many channels that exceed the power amplification capability of your Denon receiver, then the surround speakers might not deliver any sound.

In such cases, you need to maintain channels according to your setup capability.

Suppose you are using a Denon receiver that can process 11 channels but amplifies only 9.

Now, if you set up an 11-channel system along with height speakers, it wouldn’t work.

And that might create problems in delivering sound. In such cases, either you gotta eliminate the height speakers or add an external power amplifier to your setup.

The above solutions might not work if your receiver has internal issues. So don’t worry. If none of these tricks help you, then you might need a replacement. Or else contact the Denon Support Team

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part, I would like to add some queries asked often by Denon receiver users. In case you are still confused or curious about working with Denon receivers, check these FAQs.

How do I connect my speakers to my Denon receiver?

To connect your speakers to the Denon receiver:

  •  Firstly, connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI input of your receiver.
  • Now connect the speakers to the terminal accordingly. There are five speaker terminals- front left, front right, center, surround left, and right.

How do I get surround sound into my Denon?

To get surround sound into Denon, you need to turn ON the Surround Sound option of the HEOS App. Open the App and go to Settings to turn on the option.

Can you use banana plugs on Denon’s receiver?

Why not! In fact, the recent Denon receivers let you use banana plugs. Moreover, using banana clips to connect the speaker wire to the Denon receiver is the easiest way!


Finally, I strongly believe that after following the above hacks, you’d never complain about no sound problem from your surround speakers. But there could be an internal pr hardware problem. In that case, the above tricks might not work. So consult a technician to help you out!

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