Why Is My Denon Subwoofer Not Working?

I recently got rid of my old subwoofer and got this Denon subwoofer for my home theater system. The subwoofer was functioning brilliantly. Until one day, my Denon subwoofer not working.

This was a bolt from the blue and I didn’t really know where things went wrong. So I asked a close friend of mine to diagnose and help.

Luckily, he could fix it for me instantly and taught me a few important things.

So if you are facing the same issues with your Denon subwoofer, then this article would definitely solve all your queries.

Reasons Behind the Denon Subwoofer Not Working

Denon Subwoofer Not Working

Not just Denon but subwoofers, in general, fail to function due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the subwoofer faces a short circuit/fuse and stops working at all.

I have elaborated all the possible reasons as well as the probable solutions here Wireless Subwoofer Not Working. So consider reading this, if you are looking for universal solutions.

Now let’s move on to the reasons why the Denon subwoofer particularly stops working:

1. Short Circuit/Fuse

Most Denon users face this issue and this gets terrible at times. So you can call it a common problem. When your Denon subwoofer remains unused for a longer time, it faces a short circuit and thereby the wires prevent supplying power to your subwoofer.

2. Driver Magnet

The Denon subwoofer includes a driver magnet that is attached to its cone. When this magnet turns defective, the subwoofer fails to produce adequate sound. And that is when it stops working smoothly.

3. Cone Seal Failure

Denon subwoofers also have this cone seal that acts as ventilation. This cone seal is also responsible for the air to enter all other parts of the subwoofer, provided the fact that it keeps the optimum frequency level at all places equally.

Now when this cone seal gets broken or faulty, the air doesn’t get distributed around with an accurate frequency. As a result of which, your subwoofer fails internally.

4. Defective Denon Subwoofer

You might consider a number of parts only but unfortunately, the whole subwoofer itself might turn faulty. It could be either due to prolonged use of the subwoofer or being unused for a longer time.

In that case, you wouldn’t be able to open it up or diagnose it yourself. You gotta call a technician and check it out. However, if the subwoofer entirely gets defective, you need to go for a replacement.

1-Minute Instant Solution To Get Rid Of This Issue

Here is an instant solution that could help you get rid of this subwoofer problem for good. Follow the steps below for a quick solution:

  • Turn off your Denon Subwoofer
  • Keep it unplugged like that for five minutes.
  • Turn it back ON. This Restart process solves the problem in most cases. 

6 Ways You Could Fix Your Denon Subwoofer/ Denon AVR Subwoofer

Now comes the main part where I am going to share 6 different ways that could save your precious subwoofer from getting bad entirely. 

1. Check The Speaker Set-Up Menu

This is the first thing that you gotta check. It is also one of those plenty common causes why your Denon subwoofer suddenly stops working. Make sure that the speaker options are set to SMALL and set the crossover settings to 80 Hz.

Setting the speaker settings to small or big actually concerns the bass management. If the options are set to Large, the bass management triggers the signals and that is why the subwoofer doesn’t work.

2. Inspect Everything From The Scratch

From the scratch, YES!! From the loose connections, frayed wires, faulty power outlets, or sockets, take a closer look and carefully observe each and everything.

If you discover the above characteristics for wires and power outlets, go for a replacement asap. Also, check the cables (input and output) of the subwoofer, A/V receiver or other device are connected to their respective connectors.

As for the power outlets, make sure they are capable of holding enough power. That is because subwoofers generally intake a decent amount of power.

In case you are wondering to be sure that your Denon subwoofer is in Power mode, check the LED indicator. If it blinks, you are good!

And of course, if you do a replacement, make sure to drive a test whether the subwoofer is functioning alright.

3. Standby Feature

This is a useful feature that comes in most subwoofers, including Denon. This feature allows the subwoofer to rest when not in use.

Moreover, it also saves that extra power, and the hibernation mode leads to better longevity of the internal components of the subwoofer.

Once your subwoofer gets in the Standby Mode, you need to wake it up to function. Follow the steps below to get your subwoofer out of the Standby mode:

  • Turn up your receiver and play some music.
  • Now turn up the volume. Raise it to an extent until you hear the audio coming from your subwoofer.

4. Set Your Subwoofer Output

Ways You Could Fix Your Denon Subwoofer

Your subwoofer output might be set too high to reach the subwoofer and wake it up. In that case, you need to lower it down or change it. 

  • Take the remote and choose OPTION.
  • Move to the RECEIVER OPTION.
  • You will get a list of the menu items. Choose the SUBWOOFER option.
  • Now you need to Turn on the Subwoofer Output Option and adjust the channel from -12.0 dB to +12.0 dB. Needless to mention, the default value should be 0.0 dB.

5. Check Your Speaker Settings

You might try the above techniques yet fail to make your subwoofer work. Or let’s just say, you connect your sub securely yet it is not working. In such cases, you might need to configure the speaker settings.

If they are set to Large, you need to change them to Small. That will direct the low-frequency bass routes directly to the subwoofer instead of the speakers. To change the speaker settings:

  • Hit on the Menu of Your Receiver
  • Move to Speaker Config
  • Switch it to Small.
  • Now play some music to ensure that your subwoofer is working.

6. Your AVR Settings

True that! You might not know but your receiver settings also might affect your subwoofer. Well, that is because it directs signals to the subwoofer so it is better to check the receiver settings as well.

You must have heard about your LFE Settings! We are talking about these Low-Frequency Effects exactly! Basically, it directs and decides what signals would go to your subwoofer. To check the LFE settings:

  • Move to the Settings of your AVR.
  • Select the Subwoofer Mode.
  • Click on the LFE+Main option
  • Now play some Music to check your subwoofer.

Hopefully, after following the above techniques, your Denon subwoofer will start working again brilliantly.

Just to remind you, there is a sheer possibility that none of these techniques would work for you. In that case, don’t lose hope.

Just ask for help from Denon Support and they will come to fix it all for you.

Why Do I Get No Sound From My Denon Subwoofer?

A lot of users came up with this complaint so thought of sharing it here. Subwoofers, particularly Denon fails to produce inadequate sound or no sound at all due to:

Auto Standby Feature

Some Denon subwoofers come with an Auto Standby feature that lets your subwoofer respond instantly to a strong bass signal. And after a minute or two, these active subwoofers switch to standby mode.

Even though the LED indicator will ensure its power is ON, it will remain in hibernate state. While it remains in that state, it wouldn’t produce any sound.

So you gotta check that function first if something like that happens.

Besides, you can try following the short steps below to get back the sound of your subwoofer:

  • Set the Speaker Config of your subwoofer to 1 spkr or 2 spkrs.
  • The “LFE+main” and the Speaker settings to Large are just what I mentioned earlier.

How to Turn On Subwoofer On Denon Receiver

If you want to turn on the subwoofer on your Denon receiver, follow these steps below:

  • Go to the Menu Settings of your Denon Receiver and Select OPTION.
  • Look for the SUBWOOFER option and press ENTER.
  • Now turn ON the output of the subwoofer and adjust the subwoofer channel from -12.0 dB to +12.0 dB.

Frequently Asked Questions about Denon Sub

I would like to add some Frequently Asked Questions in this section. Because no matter what, people always face issues with their Denon subwoofer. And there also arises a lot of confusion addressing these problems.

How do I connect my Denon subwoofer?

Ans: If you want to connect a Denon subwoofer to your soundbar, turn on your subwoofer and press the PAIR button on it.

The LED indicator will start blinking blue. Now move to the back of your soundbar and press the PAIR button there. That is it!

Once the pairing completes successfully, the subwoofer LED indicator will show blue color constantly.

Why does my wireless subwoofer cut out?

Ans: If there is any electronic or wireless device between your subwoofer and the other pairing device, then it is likely to be cut off.

Additionally, an outdated firmware version might also lead to your wireless subwoofer cutting out.

Why is my Denon subwoofer not pairing?

Ans: After trying to pair your Denon subwoofer manually, if it still doesn’t pair, then there are some factors that you need to inspect.

Starting from the power socket, subwoofer connections, wires, and everything; check everything. And of course, check the power status of your subwoofer as well. Make sure that it is turned ON. 


To conclude, I hope that this article helps you to gather all the information regarding what you exactly wanted. I also believe that these ways will work out in your case.

After following the above steps, if your subwoofer yet fails to work at all, then consider calling a professional right away for further diagnosis.

Good luck with your Denon subwoofer!

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