5 Denon Receiver Troubleshooting Tips [Quick Fix]

You can’t expect a complete home theater without an AVR receiver. With the popularity and unique features, Denon receivers are undoubtedly doing great these days.

But electronic devices are unpredictable so you often end up with unexpected problems with your Denon receiver. You might see the blinking green light or the buttons would stop working, out of nowhere.

This article will walk you through 5 of Denon’s problems that might occur randomly and frequently. Additionally, I will add troubleshooting ideas that could get rid of your headache forever! 

Top 5 Random Denon Receiver Problems [Solutions Added]

Random Denon Problems

Denon receivers are prone to a number of problems. Sometimes it keeps losing the track of the HDMI signal, sometimes you might see no picture at all. Then some complain about failing to connect t with their TV and the list goes on! It’s pretty annoying so I am here to cover you up!

1. Denon Receiver Blinking Green Light

This is one common complaint by many of the Denon receiver users. The receiver starts flashing green blinking light. For some, it becomes solid green when they shut down the receiver. This green light usually indicates a loose HDMI connection. To get rid of this problem:

  • Start with checking the HDMI cable connections and make sure they are tight and secure.
  • Check if there is any short or dead circuit and replace, it if necessary.
  • You need to conduct a processor reset. Just disconnect the power and reconnect it back. Then press and hold the Surround Mode < and Surround Mode > simultaneously. Now press the Power/Standby button and check the display flashing. Release your fingers and let the reset complete.
  • This might sound silly but you might get some slug or tiny insects right inside your receiver. This might result in the constant blinking of green light.

2. Denon Receiver Buttons Not Working

Introducing you to one of the most common Denon receiver problems- The receiver buttons are not working anymore! It could be just the power button or all the buttons stop working at all. Some complaints come with the receiver remote buttons! It really makes you clueless so follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • If the remote buttons are working fine but the manual buttons on the front panel of your receiver, try opening up the front part of your receiver. Often the inside of the receiver gets dirty with dirt coming from outside. They get stuck within the button controls and thereby these buttons stop working. So check if there are any dust particles.
  • Apply some synthetic paint thinner/contact cleaner on these switches while cleaning. Wait for 10 minutes and assemble the front panel back. 
  • There could be a problem with the power switch buttons- the latching system might turn bad. In that case, you need to contact their Support group and notify them of the replacement. 
  • If there is a problem with the remote buttons, check whether the mode selection option is in the VIDEO rather than AUDIO. Or try disassembling the remote and checking the rubber membrane as well as contacts. If the contacts are dirty, use a pencil eraser to clean them. Still, if the problem continues, there might be an IR circuitry problem inside the receiver. And that needs replacement.

3. Denon Receiver Not Turning On With TV

Denon Receiver Troubleshooting Tips

Another common problem includes your Denon receiver failing to turn on the TV. It probably means that your TV fails to detect the ARC. Or maybe the HDMI doesn’t work. To get rid of this situation:

  • Make sure that your TV detects as well as supports the HDMI ARC. The HDMI control function of your TV should be ON (check the MENU).
  • Next, pick your remote and go to Setup-Video-HDMI Setup. Turn on the HDMI Control function and your receiver will automatically detect the ARC of your TV.
  • Now check whether the HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Hit the Settings on and check the Audio Output. Set it to ARC or External.
  • If it still fails to remain compatible with the TV, try doing a soft reset. Simply, switch off the power of both the TV as well as the receiver. Unplug their respective cables. Wait for 10 minutes and replug them again. Re-connect and check whether that works.

4. Denon Receiver Keeps Losing HDMI Signal/HDMI Passthrough Problems

Another complaint usually made by Denon users is that their receivers lose HDMI signals randomly. As a result, it fails to pair up with your TV or other devices. Moreover, due to the HDMI passthrough problems, the receiver interrupts playing a video or audio consistently. Here are some solutions that you can try to avoid such tricky problems:

  • Firstly, check whether your receiver firmware is updated or not.
  • Next, connect your receiver to the TV directly to check the root cause of the problem. Because you need to make sure whether the HDMI cable/HDMI input of the TV or the receiver is malfunctioning. Besides, if there is any gap in the HDMI connection to pair up, it will also come to light.
  • If everything seems alright, check whether your HDMI cables are HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) enabled. If there arises such an issue, just change your HDMI channel from 1 to 2 and it will work out.
  • Another thing you should confirm is that the HDMI cable of the source device output to the receiver input as well as the receiver’s output to the TV should be within 33 feet.
  • You could also check whether your receiver stays in protection mode! Due to the protection mode, your HDMI might drop if there is any slight change in signal. 

5. Denon Receiver Troubleshooting No Picture

The final random problem that triggers your temper and annoys you is when your Denon receiver fails to show any picture at all. The audio might be working well but the TV gets blank and you see nothing! RELAX, I got you covered! Follow these troubleshooting steps and say goodbye to these *no picture* problems.

  • The first thing that causes this picture problem is a loose connection. So you have to check whether all the connections of the source device, the receiver, and the output device are secured and tight. Along with that, look if there are any damaged or frayed connections.
  • Next, you gotta make sure that the receiver, as well as the TV video input, is set correctly. In case you are using an analog connection, confirm that the Video source is set to your desired source device’s video output.
  • There might be the HDMI cables dropping out randomly. And your receiver fails to play a video consistently. If that’s the case, follow the above instructions.
  • Sometimes the cable box power needs a firmware update. If it is outdated, it will lead to a number of problems including this as well.
  • Try doing a soft reset and check if that helps. Start with turning off the TV and the receiver. Now disconnect the cable box power cord and wait for a while. Reconnect it and turn on the TV at first. Set the video cables and the HDMI connection correctly. Now turn on your receiver and check if everything is smooth.
  • You can also use a digital coax cable as these are cheaper than the optical ones and work great as a replacement.


Finally, I hope that after following the above troubleshooting instructions, you’d be able to say goodbye to your Denon receiver problems for good! Needless to mention, Denon has got its customer support team that promises to take care of all your concerns. But trying these solutions primarily at home wouldn’t harm a thing!

So if you are facing any of the above issues with your Denon receiver, try these tips. And if they don’t work out, contact their support team asap. 

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