Denon Receiver Clicking On and Off! How Did I Fix It?

Last Christmas, I purchased a Denon AV receiver. It was on sale and worked absolutely fine. Until one day, my receiver started acting poorly.

The power was disturbing and there was a clicking sound every time it gets On and Off. I was totally new to this issue and it took me some time to figure out where things go wrong. 

This clicking sound is normal if you hear it sometimes. But when it takes place randomly, you sense a problem.

Eventually, I was able to diagnose the issue and fix this problem myself.

So if you are also struggling with this annoying problem, consider reading this article and thank me later!

What Mainly Causes the Denon Receiver To Make a Clicking Sound?

Denon Receiver Is Clicking On And Off

This clicking sound usually occurs when you turn on/off the receiver. Besides, you might also hear this buzzing sound after turning on the receiver for a few seconds.

Even some complained about this clicking sound when they switched the input sources. 

After proper diagnosis, I found out that the main reason leading to this irritating problem is a faulty/cold solder joint. Well, that is the most common cause of this problem. However, other reasons include:

  • A bad relay
  • Bad capacitors

if you haven’t read yet, you may check the Denon receiver red light blinking

How Can I Fix AVR Clicking Sound This Problem?

If you are a DIY person and love to experiment with circuits and wires, welcome! Diagnosing a problem is more like exploring and learning yourself! Here are the top 5 ways you can fix this receiver clicking issue. 

1. Start with the wires

I’d recommend starting your diagnosis with the wires. Because it is more likely to have issues with the wires. Also, it doesn’t take much time so you better start off with the wires.

  • The wires might fail due to a short spark, you never know! So in that case, checking your wires first is a wise option.
  • Moreover, they could also get loose. In that case, disconnecting and re-connecting them again helps.
  • If the connections are loose, this might affect the speakers. The speakers might even blow/drop out.
  • Once you sort out the wires and connections, give your Denon receiver a wiggle to check if there is any such clicking sound.

2. The Cold Solder Joint

Yes! This turns out to be the most random thing that results in such an annoying clicking sound. In my case, I fixed my faulty solder joint and everything worked smoothly as before.

A cold solder joint actually means when the solder material is not heated enough. When it loses heat, there form cracks in the joint. As a result of which, the connection becomes unstable. Thereby, the clicking sound becomes a regular issue.

Now if you are someone who is keen to work with wires, you can easily fix a cold solder joint.  Simply heat it up and you are good to go! All you need to do is apply the heat to the solder until it starts melting and develops a joint. 

N: B Try this step only if you have primary knowledge about wiring and circuit. If you are totally new and don’t feel confident enough, simply ask for professional help. You might mess things up otherwise.

3. Inspect The Relays

How Can I Fix Avr Clicking Sound Problem

This step is also applicable only if you know how to work with the circuits and all. If you want to inspect things yourself, go for the relays as well. 

To look for the faulty relays, check the user’s manual. It will give you a diagrammatical representation that will help you find the relays immediately.

Once you identify the faulty relays, go for sourcing the parts. If you are struggling, check online as there are a number of websites that help you find the exact component serial number.

Plus, there would be necessary information on that exact part you are looking for.

4. Bad Capacitor

Just like every other electronic device, your receiver might also encounter a defective capacitor. In that case, you need to open up the receiver carefully and identify the capacitor.

  • Use a digital multimeter to identify the bad capacitor and replace it with a new one.
  • Restart and check if there comes any difference in the sound.

5. Microprocessor Reset

When the above steps fail to get rid of the clicking sound, try the Microprocessor Reset option. Doing this might help to stop the clicking sound unnecessarily.

But make sure you have a backup option to retrieve the Settings. For the microprocessor reset of your Denon receiver:

  • Switch off the power of your receiver
  • Simultaneously press the Preset CH+ and Preset CH-
  • Now check the display of the receiver and you will find the Reset/Initialized button. Release your fingers and let the reset complete itself.
  • Once the reset completes, turn on your receiver.
  • Restore your Settings accordingly and you are done!

Even after trying out the microprocessor reset option, if the annoying clicking sound continues, then you got two options left:

  1. Seek the help of a professional. There is an official Denon Support website where they will fix your queries.
  2. Get your AV receiver replaced with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Denon Receiver Clicking

This part will cover some of your Frequently Asked Questions concerning your Denon receiver. You might still have some queries in your mind so I thought of adding this part here.

Why is my Denon receiver not working?

Sometimes this problem happens and all you need to do is re-connect the power. The procedures include:

  • Turn off the power
  • Press and hold the DIRECT and STEREO buttons simultaneously.
  • Plugin the power again until the display flashes.
  • Remove your fingers and check if everything works smoothly.

Why does an AVR click?

A clicking sound on an AVR means that either there is something wrong with the voltage supply or there is some internal problem. That includes a cold solder joint or some bad capacitors/relays.


Hope this article helps you fix the clicking issue for good. The above ways would work in most cases. Unfortunately, if these ways don’t help you out, then you need professional help. Because there might be internal damages that they would be able to determine with their professional tools. 

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