Why Spark Amp Pops When Turned Off?

Turning off your Spark amp should be as simple as turning your switch off and not worrying about it. However, sometimes Spark amps cause loud popping sounds when turned off. On one hand, it can totally catch you off guard and scare you, while on the other has some potential to damage components connected to your amp.

I will now illustrate to you some reasons that might be behind making a such loud popping noise when you turn off your Spark amp. I will also include some solutions that might help you diagnose and fix such common issues.

Why Does Your Spark Amp Make a Loud Popping Sound? What Can You Do About It?

Why Does Your Spark Amp Make a Loud Popping Sound

First, let’s figure out what causes your Spark amp to create such loud popping sounds when you turn it off. It could be due to several reasons or might be due to only one. Let’s try to diagnose each issue one by one.

Loose Cabling

Often ignored but turns out that most of the time the culprit is simply just a loose cable somewhere in your whole system. Whether you have set up your Spark in your music system, home theater or simply to power your electric guitar, a loud popping sound while turning off the amp is a common issue.

To avoid the chances of any loose connection disturbing your system, you have to check your cables one by one. Try to unplug and clean the heads of the pins. However, be cautious not to damage any of the pins. Try plugging in again while securing a tight fit. Sometimes this procedure can fix the issue of loud popping sounds.

Internal Circuitry

The internal circuit design of a specific model that you own can cause a loud popping sound when you turn off or on the amp. For instance, when you turn off the amp by cutting the power supplied to the device, the power collapses asymmetrically. It causes the amp’s output to be at an undefined state when it should have remained at the null value of DC current.

This causes the amp to produce a loud popping sound. However, most amps deal with this issue by introducing an output relay. The relay gets energized or de-energized only when the amp has a stable output. The reason why your amp is creating the loud popping noise is either the circuitry is not present in the system, or the relay system has experienced an error.

Faulty Device

Another major reason though not likely is that you have purchased a faulty device. Any electronic device has some degree of tendency to be susceptible to irrecoverable errors. Luckily, almost all manufacturers provide a limited warranty period for their amps. If your spark amp is causing this issue, it’s better to contact support and replace it to get a new one.

Apart from a faulty device, your cables could be worn out too. Check for any signs of damage on your cable or think of replacing it if they have become too old.

Changing The Levels on Your Device

spark amp popping when turned off

Try turning down the volume knob all the way down before turning off the power supply to your amp. It can sometimes solve the issue completely. However, if you still experience the issue even after turning down your volume in the amp, then the problem is rooted in some internal issues.

Reset Your Device

Nothing fixes problems like resetting an electronic device. Try to go through the manual of your specific amp model to find out the resetting process. Generally, your Spark amp should contain a “TAP” button. You can follow these steps to reset:

  • Turn off the device
  • Press and hold the “TAP” button
  • Release the tap button when it starts to blink
  • Long-press the blinking “TAP” button until all four LED lights blink once
  • Release the “TAP” button
  • If the “TAP” button is blinking and CH1 LED turns on, then you have successfully completed the factory reset procedure.

Can Loud Popping Sound Damage Your Device?

In most cases, your amp should be fine. You can follow my guidelines to figure out the issue that is causing this loud popping sound to occur. If you fail to find a specific reason, most probably it won’t hurt your amp.

Loud popping sounds when turning on or off an electronic sound system are common. However, if your device is covered under the warranty period, you should contact your supplier. In most cases, they will either fix the issue or provide you with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my amp make loud popping noises?

There could be many reasons behind this issue. I have discussed it earlier but one of the most common reasons is the surge of voltage that goes through the device.

Can this loud popping noise from my amp hurt my ears?

Most probably no. But if you are sensitive to sudden loud sounds, you should definitely be cautious.


It’s very annoying to hear the loud popping noise every time you turn off your device. I have tried to find a reason that could be behind this issue. I have also provided you with some common solutions that can fix the annoying issue. I really hope that I have helped to find your desired solution.

Thank you for staying with me till the end. I hope to be there for you with another query some other day.

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