5 Speaker Stands for Klipsch rp-600m

Brands like Sanus and Gear4music have always been careful to create quality speaker stands for a speaker like the Klipsch rp-600m. It is wise to get a speaker stand for Bookshelf speakers because, more often than not, it is recommended. Otherwise, you will face a lot of distortions due to the sound quality or the surface. A stand will also prevent you from any electromagnetic disruptions; even aesthetically, it is necessary to get one. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you.

As we move on, we will be talking about a few types of speaker stands along with the best possible speaker stands for your Klipsch rp-600m. 

Important: Things to consider when getting a speaker stand

speaker stands for klipsch

You are keeping yourself away from an excellent musical experience because you don’t own speaker stands. Keeping your speakers on a table or a shelf will put you under the question of why you have such bad music. Here are the main things you should prioritize before jumping on to get one.

The weight it can cover

This is the most essential thing you need to cover. The general rule should be to get a speaker stand that is heavier than your speakers. The key should be to get one based on its weight rating, as some light speakers are incapable of carrying speakers of more than 15 pounds. The weight of Klipsch rp-600m is around 16 pounds, so I’d suggest you get a stand that has a 20 pounds weight rating. 

Also, make sure that the surface where you’ll be placing your speakers is suitable for the speakers. You should get flat-top stands for the Klipsch. 

The optimum height 

The height of the speakers and the stand must be taken into consideration to feel the immersion of the sound. That will mostly depend on the height and shape of your speakers. You need to make sure that the speaker tweeter is aligned with your ear level so that the sound waves go in a parallel manner. 

If you’re confused about the height of both things, then you could get the height-adjustable stands. 

The stability it can provide

This is where your speakers’ safety needs to be prioritized, as the material and the type of stands you’ll be getting should be based on the speakers you get. Most metal and wooden stands should be okay as long as it’s heavier, but you should consider the surface of your and which is solid based on it. Nowadays, there are plastic stands as well, and some of them are pretty reliable as well, but I wouldn’t recommend them. 

Stability based on your speakers can also depend on the type of stand you are getting; it could differ if you’re getting those tripods, to stand speakers, the triangle stands speakers or those pedestal-type stand speakers. 

Aside from these core elements, there are other things to consider, such as cable management, top plate, design, construction, and whatnot. 

Recommendations: Best speaker stands for Klipsch rp-600m 

Now that we have gone through all the details let us see now how I can help you on getting the best possible speaker stands for your rp-600m. Typical Bookshelf speakers may not be a good fit for your speakers as the Klipsch is larger in size. I’ll try to suggest you a few of them based on different needs and situations. 

1. Monolith – 131263 (Cheapest out of the lot)


This is for those who are just looking for something well-built around a cheap range. It comes with a four steel column support that comes with a complete black powder coating, which looks pleasing to the eyes of those who like black. For its price, you will also be getting adjustable spikes so that you can place it accordingly to isolate the stand from its surface. 

I have seen many colleagues of mine get it as they were looking for something good and reasonably priced. 

Basic Features: 

  1. The Maximum weight the monolith can carry is around 100 pounds. 
  2. It has 24, 28, and 32-inch option variants. 
  3. The Monolith’s base plate and top plate dimensions are 12.0″ x 9.9″ and 8.5″ x 6.0″, respectively. 
  4. The total weight of the stand is around 21 pounds. 
  5. The support piers have the option to fill it with sand or other components to prevent vibration and resonance. 


  1. It does not have any cable management options 
  2. The bottom spike stands are not suitable for wooden floors. 

2. Gator GFW-SPK-SM50 (An option for Adjustable stands) 

Gator GFW-SPK-SM50

A triangle base stand is liked by many because it is more often than not lightweight and is height adjustable. That is where the Gator GFW-SPK-SM50 comes into place. It comes with a rubberized pedestal surface to protect your speakers from any damage. The height adjustability of its speaker comes as high as it gets, making it suitable for home theater setups, 7.1 surround setups, and whatnot. Its lightweight design will also make it portable to some extent. 

Basic Features: 

  1. For its size and dimensions, the Gator can carry up to 100 pounds. 
  2. The gator has a maximum height of 50 inches. 
  3. The dimension of the Gator’s platform is 9.5 x 9.5 inches. 
  4. The weight of the gator is 11 pounds. 


  1. The gator can become wobbly sometimes.
  2. The shape of the surface may not work for the place you’ll be putting the stands. 

3. Sanus SF30-B1 (A tall and sturdy option) 

Sanus SF30-B1

With a sleek design, which is rock solid that comes into the 30-inch variant that many of you request, then Sanus has got you covered. SF30-B1 comes with not just the looks but is packed with functionalities as it is designed in a way where the platform will give you less energy loss, along with the pillars that can be filled with sand to prevent resonance. The Sanus also with studs on its plate to further prevent more distortions. 

Basic Features:

  1. The stand has a maximum height of up to 30 inches. 
  2. The Sanus has an overall weight of around 35 pounds. 
  3. The top plate and base plate have dimensions of 6 x 6.5 inches and 11.6 x 14.6 inches, respectively. 
  4. It comes with rubber to prevent wooden, metal, and tile surfaces. 


  1. Some of the users have said it’s wobbly. 
  2. The spikes and rubbers may not be the best of all. 

4. Kanto SP26PL (For the Kanto fanatics) 

Kanto SP26PL

Kanto is, of course, a brand to all if you’re an audiophile living in the north american region, so naturally, you are aware they are not only reliable but as well minimal in design. The SP26PL comes with a two-size rotating plate along with foam padding to prevent sound loss. It has a internal cable management through the stands’ center. The Kanto also comes with different varieties of spikes based on your floor. 

Basic Features: 

  1. The Kanto has an overall weight of 32 pounds. 
  2. For its height, the SP26PL has 26 and 32-inch variants. 
  3. Its top plate dimensions are 4.3 x 7.1 inches.
  4. The stand comes with foam padding and a speaker mounting hole. 


  1. The mass might not be suitable for all speaker types.
  2. The assembly can be difficult for many. 

5. Pyle Dual Studio Monitor PSTND32 (For those who are looking for Tripod Stands) 

Pyle Dual Studio Monitor PSTND32

A Telescope design stand is wanted by many, but it’s hard to find one which is reliable. The Pyle PSTND32 is a reliable option; it has anti-slip rubber grip pads. Not only can it carry the heaviest type of speakers, but its height limit will also surprise you. The tension knob and the safety support pin are regarded as more reliable than the other competitors. 

Basic Features: 

  1. The height adjustment can go up to 53 inches from 34 inches. 
  2. The maximum weight it can carry is up to 90 pounds. 
  3. The overall weight of Pyle is around 14.55 pounds. 
  4. For its metal platform, the dimension is 8.9 x 8.9 inches.
  5. It has a thickness of 2 mm on its 


  1. The leg is fragile as it’s made of plastic, and it could break. 
  2. It’s not sturdy enough for other stands. 

Differences between all the recommendations 

Here is a table for you to understand the general features of the speaker stands at a glance.

ProductsOverall HeightWeight it can carry Product WeightPlatform’s Dimension
Monolith – 13126324, 28, and 32-inchUpto 100 pounds20.9 pounds8.5 x 6.0 inches
Gator GFW-SPK-SM50 31 to 51 inchesUpto 100 pounds11 pounds9.5 x 9.5 inches
Sanus SF30-B1Upto 30 inchesUpto 25 pounds35 pounds6 x 6.5 inches 
Kanto SP26PL26 and 32-inch variantsOver 35 pounds 32 pounds4.3 x 7.1 inches
Pyle Dual Studio Monitor PSTND3234 to 53 inchesUpto 90 pounds14.55 pounds8.9 x 8.9 inches

Know your products: What type of speaker stands are you looking for, Wooden or Metal?

Based on my experience and research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the material is somewhat irrelevant; it all falls down to the quality of the stands and how the surface is. If anything, there are high-quality speaker stands for both metal and wooden designs. So, you can have the option to get one based on your aesthetic requirements. 

You need to make sure that the stand falls well under the surface and is anti-resonance. The surface of the stand must not attach directly to the wall but instead have something, like a plywood or a rubber bush, to keep the isolation between the floor and the surface. You will find a lot of opinions, but so far, from what I have seen, as long as the height and weight go in accordance with the stand, then you should be good to go. 

FAQs (Frequently asked questions) 

Is it okay to not use any speaker stands while using my Klipsch rp-600m? 

I recommend anyone to get a speaker stand because you need to be made aware of the things you could be having. There could be electromagnetic interferences due to electronic or metal devices. You will also be losing a lot of sounds because the alignment won’t be there.

As I have said above, the speaker tweeter should be placed at your ear level. Whereas a speaker stand will not only prevent you from all these distortions but also give you a sleek design. 

Which is better, pedestal-type stands or adjustable speaker stands that are tripod or triangle-based? 

It all falls down to the criteria you desire; if you seek less weight and something portable for your studio, then the adjustable speaker, especially tripod stands, is more suitable. On the other hand triangle based stands are prone to hold more weight so they can be reliable if you tend to attach heavier speakers, pedestal type stands, are designed for your home, it can carry more weight, it is not height adjustable, and are more suitable to your aesthetics. 

Wrap Up! 

Thus, I hope you have grasped what is the right speaker stand for your Klipsch rp-600m as I have tried to cover a lot of preference grounds which are based off price points and speaker types. You may think that speaker stand should be something that you could clearly get but there has to be extensive research done on it if you’re an audiophile. Even I got shocked by the things I needed to cover for the best possible speaker stand to get the most immersive sound experience.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in another issue. 

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