Why Does CD Player Turns On by Itself?

Doesn’t it bother you when your CD player starts acting up? Maybe you want to listen to some good music and are waiting for the mood to set and suddenly the CD player turns itself on. Or even worse when it starts in the middle of the night, and you are scared to death! This is a real problem and I assure you that your CD player isn’t haunted by ghosts.

There could be many reasons behind your CD player turning on by itself. In this article, I am going to show you the most probable reasons and some solutions based on my life experience. So, let’s begin!

Why does the CD Player Turn Itself on?

Why does the CD Player Turn Itself on

First, consider the age of your CD player. We often think that our electrical devices will serve us for a lifetime. But sadly, these devices have a limited lifespan and over the course of time, they often start showing symptoms of malfunction.

Apart from that, there could be other main reasons. Let’s explore them.

Do You Have Other Remotes in Your Room?

It’s a very common issue that a faulty remote is causing your CD player to wake up automatically. If your CD player has a remote and it is malfunctioning, chances are its power button is defective. As a result, the remote is sending erroneous signals and your CD player is interpreting it as an indication to wake up.

Sometimes using other remotes in close proximity to the CD player can cause it to start on its own. These devices use radio frequencies to communicate wirelessly. Occasionally, multiple devices share the same frequency channels to communicate. So, using a remote for a different device can cause your CD player to wake up.

Check If You Have Any Alarms Set

Some CD players have built-in alarm systems. If you have set an alarm or somehow accidentally an alarm is set in the device, it will wake up at that time. You can easily find out if it’s the issue by checking the time of the incident. If your CD player is always starting automatically at the same time, then probably it’s due to an alarm system.

Maybe Something Touching the TouchPad on the Device

Some advanced CD player models have touch controls. Check if something is touching the touch panel of your device. If so, keep it separate. For instance, if something is touching the device or a pet walks across it, the device can start on by itself. Furthermore, the touchpad might get defective. You can disable the touchpad from the menu to see if it helps. 

A Faulty Power Switch Can Cause You the Headache

The power switch or power strip may have gone defective. Even if you turn off the power, a faulty switch can cause it to turn on. You can diagnose the issue by connecting your CD player to a different power source and see if the problem persists.

Is Your Room Too Dry?

Can You Solve the Issue on Your Own

Do you live in a cold environment? Do you use heaters to heat your room? If so, then there is a high possibility static electricity is building up in your CD player. A dry environment facilitates the buildup of static electricity. We may not directly realize it but your CD player might start acting up due to static electricity.

Check the Temperature of Your Device

If you use your CD player for long periods, it may start to heat up. Furthermore, if you live in a warm environment, your CD player can heat up even faster. Too much heat is always bad for electrical devices. It can cause it to behave abnormally. Hence, check if it is hot to the touch after you have turned it off.

A Faulty Start Button

Your CD player might have a faulty start or power button. Hence, the device is getting false signals from the power button to wake up. However, it is highly unlikely that this is the cause unless you are using a very old CD player.

Interference From Outside

It is highly unlikely but interference from the outside can cause your CD player to wake up. For example, if you have a neighbor who is using a radio channel to communicate or a walkie-talkie, the radio frequency from that device can interfere with your CD player. Even though it is a rare possibility, it never hurts to check to become sure.

Can You Solve the Issue on Your Own?

Even if your CD player is turning on by itself, the good news is you can most probably solve the issue by yourself. I will now give you some important tips to solve the problem on your own.

First, figure out the issue by following the previously mentioned methods and now adhere to the following guidelines to solve it.

  • If you have remotes in the room where you have the CD player, try taking out the batteries. Or keep the remote separated or away from direct contact with the CD player.
  • To check if you have set any alarms on the device, go to the menu, and then the clock app and check for any alarms. If you have set an alarm, then disable it.
  • Keep everything away from your CD player. Don’t use a cloth to keep it covered and check if the issue persists. If you have any pets, then try to keep them away from the device.
  • Try to clean the power switch if you think it is dirty. Additionally, try to press the power button a couple of times to set it properly.
  • If your room is too dry by using a heater, you may try to a humidifier. It will help you to bring proper moisture control back into your room.
  • If the temperature of the device is too high, try using a fan to cool it down. If you have an air-conditioner, turn it on while using your CD player.
  • It is hard to diagnose outside interference. You can try switching the position of your CD player to see if it helps.

What to Do If You Cannot Diagnose the Issue by Yourself?

Don’t worry if you still cannot solve the issue. If you have tried all the methods that I have shown you and your CD player still wakes up on its own, then you have nothing else to do. It is surely a manufacturing problem or a hardware defect, which you cannot solve on your own. You can contact the manufacturer or seller to see if they can repair it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if my remote is defective?

You can always replace a new remote according to your CD player’s brand or choose a universal remote.

How can I reset my CD player?

The system to reset your CD player might vary depending on the brand. You can go to the internet and search for your CD player’s model number and go to the manufacturer’s website. You can find the guide for resetting your device.


It is normal to feel heartbroken if your favorite CD player doesn’t function as it should. But I am confident that you can diagnose the problem and fix the issue on your own by following my advice. If the issue persists, you can always take the help of an expert technician, who can fix your device. Thanks for staying with me!

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