What does Rem Mean on an Amp? (Answered)

Obviously, you are not someone who digs deeper into the car’s various parts for whatever reason it may arise. That is why you have your confusion going on with REM. In short, you can probably guess that it is remote. Since you know it is a remote now, you may wonder if it is a device you use to change the settings or channels. 

No, it actually isn’t, and quite far from it. If you want to use your car radio with an amplifier, you need to connect it. Since you are eager to know about REM, I guess you have gotten an aftermarket amplifier.

What does REM mean on an amp, and where is it located? 

Know the Color codes of the wires

REM, in short, stands for Remote. Just like the ones you use for your TVs, Computers, or Consoles. Your Car radio also requires remote access through an amplifier where you will be able to control your bass, volume, or gain. And, in the case of Decks (Head unit) then, you are supposed to connect it to your ignition system.  The wire is the Remote. 

You will find it at the back of the amplifier where it is labeled REM, most likely in between the 12volt connection and the ground (GND) connection. The connection is basically like a ground connection where you screw the wires tightly where the ground forms. Your amp through the REM will turn on only when the car radio turns on. 

Important: Know the Color codes of the wires:

If you end up messing with the colors, then surely you’re going to get your devices ruined. Any sort of mismatch can terminally affect your radio or the amplifier, so that is why I am telling you which color exactly means what so that it helps in other areas apart from REM as well.

Red: It is a 12 Volt ignition.

Green: Speaker Side side (LR+- or RR+,-) Violet will be the opposite of it. 

Blue: Remote turn on through power antenna. Blue/White will have the same features. For REM, your priority should be this cable.

Yellow: 12 Volt battery. 

Black/White: Factory amplifier ground.

Orange: Dimmer.

Brown: Mute

White: Speaker Front left side (+,-)

Green: Speaker Front Right 

How do you test if the remote wire works or not? 

How do you test if the remote wire works or not

Before connecting the radio to your amp, it is essential to know if the remote wire works or not. Because your amplifier could be fine, you might stay under the confusion that the aftermarket amplifier you have gotten from Amazon is busted. You are required to get a Multimeter (If it’s digital, then better) and a metal clip.

Here are the steps:

  1. Identify the Remote wire cable of the power antenna (Blue or Blue/White wire as mentioned above) 
  2. Take out the multimeter and use the red node (Positive). Attach the red node of the multimeter with the remote wire cable.
  3. Make sure you don’t connect the black node with the cable, and two negatives will generate nothing. 
  4. Then put the black node on your power line. Turn it on. 
  5. After that, if you see that your radio is turning on, then the REM wire is okay. 

How do you connect the REM? 

What does REM mean on an amp, and where is it located

After you are done finding out that all is okay, then you may proceed to connect the REM. Aftermarket Amplifiers require a remote trigger to turn on the amplifier. 

  • It would be best if you cut off the wire of the remote trigger. Use a wire stripper for that and, open up the wire, attach the wire to the amplifier (REM Label). The clamp where the screw is held, push it down, and you are good to go.
  • Simply turn on the radio, and you will see that your amplifier is turned on. If you disconnect the Remote (Wire), then your amplifier will turn off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the wire that came with your Amp wiring kit?

Just like the amp connecting cable, the purpose of the wire that came from the amp wiring kit is to connect it to your amplifier to the car’s radio cable, which is most likely the blue with white cable. The color of the wire can be anything. It has no indication; we connect it with those devices regardless. 

What is a remote knob? 

You may get confused with the REM and the remote knob. A remote knob is a small device that is connected to your amplifier to gain control or bass control, or volume control with your amplifier. It is a very small device that consists of a tiny circuit board with a controlling knob where you will be able to increase and decrease the gains and then, of course, the plug port. There are various types of remote knobs, like those ones that show temps sensors and voltage readings. 

How many volts does the remote wire carry?

The remote (REM), which is required to connect the amp to the radio, has only 4 volts. 

Wrap Up! 

Thus, I hope I have been conclusive enough regarding this small yet significant matter, especially if you are someone who’s not that efficient with these delicate wires and insides of a vehicle. I have tried to be meticulous in explaining precisely what REM means and how you can test and use it.

Because even after learning about it, you may use it for other purposes that potentially harm your whole system. After learning the details, you may even be capable of adding an aftermarket subwoofer. 

Thank you, and I’ll be seeing another issue.

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