How To Connect Receiver To TV Using RCA Cables

For connecting a receiver to TVs these days, HDMI connection so far has been leading for over more than a decade. It is the easiest and most effective way for clearer and more flexible audio and video quality! However, you might be using a TV that lacks HDMI input. Or let’s say, your receiver lacks the HMDI jack. 

In such cases, no worries at all! The best alternative to HDMI connections is the RCA cables. Using RCA cables, you can easily connect your TV to your receiver. How? Well, this is where we got you! In this article, we will guide you on how to connect the receiver to the TV using RCA cables!

Follow These Simple Steps!

How To Connect Receiver To TV Using RCA Cables

If you are new to this and wondering what are these RCA cables. Simply put- if want to avoid any mess, you can get the 4K HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter. This is a device that lets you connect your TV via HDMI or RCA cables. There are also other options that make it all easy to use. Incredible and useful!

What Type Of RCA Cables Are You Using?

RCA Cables are basically of three types:

What Type Of RCA Cables Are You Using
  • The basic RCA cables come in just basic red and white color. It is to transmit a stereo audio signal to your TV.
  • The Composite RCA comes with an additional yellow color. And this is for the video. That means, it also supports the video along with the audio input.
  • The Component RCA cable has blue, red, and green colors. It uses a number of channels to transmit video signals.

No matter what type of RCA cables you are using for your TV and receiver, the connection process applies the same for all. 

How To Connect Receiver To TV Using RCA Cables

Here comes the complete instruction/guideline where I am going to share how to make a receiver-TV connection via RCA cables. Let’s start right away!

Follow the steps below to make a connection via RCA cables.

1. Start With Checking Whether Both The Devices Have RCA Jacks

Now, this is important. That’s because if one of these devices lacks an RCA jack, you wouldn’t be able to make a connection. RCA cables must be connected to the RCA ports on both devices. So if any of these has no RCA connection port, you need to look for other alternatives.

2. Turn ON The Power Of The Receiver And The TV

The next step is to simply turn ON the power of your TV as well as your receiver.

3. Check The Menu System Of Both The TV And The Receiver

Start With Checking Whether Both The Devices Have RCA Jacks

Before establishing the connection, you need to access the Menu system of both the TV and your receiver. Go to the Menu bar of your TV and set your audio option to ‘audio output/external speaker’. Then, go to the receiver and hit on its Menu option using the remote. Choose the proper analog input according to the TV audio input.

After you finish, play a TV channel to make sure that you are receiving audio from the receiver.

4. Plug The RCA Cables Correctly And Carefully

Then again, The white cable wire is for the left channel whereas the right one goes for the right channel. So you need to plug these cables according to their colored jack port.

Right on the back of your TV  and your receiver, check the RCA-colored port jacks. Now plug the white on the white colored port and the red one on the red port jack. Plug one end of the cable into the analog audio output of your TV. And the other end to the analog audio input, on the back of your receiver.

If these cables are not plugged according to their colored jacks, the stereo signal will never be stable. And you wouldn’t be able to make your desired connection.

5. Run A Test

Once you finish setting up the connection, time to run a test! This is to confirm that the connection is successful. All you need to do is raise the volume of your TV. Carefully observe whether the sound from your receiver matches that of the video. If so, then you are done! Good job!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I bring you the frequently asked questions regarding receiver connection. If you are facing any problem connecting your receiver, here you go!

How to connect the receiver to the TV and cable box?

To connect the receiver to the TV and cable box:

  • On the back of your cable box, there is an HDMI Out jack.
  • You need to connect one end of your HDMI cable to that jack.
  • Plug the other end into the HDMI In jack, right at the back of your TV. Done!

How to connect the old receiver to the new TV?

If your old receiver has HDMI Output options, then you can easily connect it to your TV using HDMI cables. However, if it lacks an HDMI, try a converter box depending on your receiver output connection.

How do I hook up my RCA surround sound to my HDMI TV?

You can use an audio extractor to hook up RCA sound to your TV. If you are having a streaming source device, try connecting it to your TV using an HDMI cable. RCA cables would also help in this regard.


Hope you are clear now on how to connect the receiver to the TV using RCA cables. So if your TV or pairing device lacks an HDMI, don’t panic and try the options we mentioned earlier.

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