Can You Program Any Remote To Any Tv?

Remotes are not brand-specific, so you can connect any universal remote to any tv by changing some minor functionalities. No matter what the brand of your tv is, your remote is based on certain chips. 

There are certain tricks available in order to connect any remote to your tv. I will discuss all of them precisely. All you need to do is to follow them precisely to connect them. Some precautions are needed to be maintained properly. 

I will talk about some of the basic working functionalities of the remote then will let you know how to connect the remote properly to any tv.

Some of The Functionalities of Universal Remote

Can You Program Any Remote To Any Tv

Universal remotes have some distinct functionalities that make them compatible with each and every device. Understanding the functionalities is equally important for understanding the proper procedure. So, let’s start one by one.

But first, you need to know what a universal remote is. The first and foremost criterion of a universal remote is it can control any sort of audio and video device. It is widely popular as it can be used as a replacement solution for the normal remote.

It is affordable and when buying a new TV you don’t need to panic about the remote. Renowned brands throughout the whole world produce universal remotes. Some of the major remote companies are:

  1. Sony
  2. Samsung
  3. Philips
  4. Panasonic 
  5. Toshiba

Let’s talk about some of the functionalities of these remotes. all brands produce based on some functionalities. Most of them target a major component in order to serve their purpose. The thermal sensor is a vital element that allows the remote to work according to your wish. 

1. Working Procedure of Thermal Infrared Sensor

The working procedure is based on the thermal infrared sensor. The distinction between a normal remote and a Universal remote is the capacity of sense thermal induction is higher in Universal remotes.

Binary codes are usually represented through thermal infrared sensors. Sometimes the IR remote control is also known as a transmitter. To grab a better idea about how these remote works we need to understand the below options also.

The detailed working procedure can be vast. But for understanding the functionalities of remote control you don’t need to understand all the functions precisely. For details, you can go through the specification of the thermal infrared sensors.

2. A Number of Strong Integrated Circuits

For modern electronic devices, Integrated circuits play a vital role in order to make them strong in every case. Due to its strong joints, IR is more reliable than ever. It has paved the way to overcome the boundaries that make them confined.

There are numerous integrated circuits available in the market namely digital integrated circuits, mixed integrated circuits, and others. A number of pros and cons are available while using these integrated circuits.

Universal remotes usually use mixed integrated circuits that can handle all types of signals. That is why universal remotes can be connected to any television.

Integrated circuits are the main things behind the technology that allows them to connect with any brand. Day by day the IC power is increasing at a significant rate. Companies are trying to expand the activities of their remote control in order to perform them efficiently.

3. An Excellent Sensing Technology

The major functionality of a remote is its sensing technologies. Universal remotes are made especially for sensing properly. Modern technologies are integrated in such a way that sensing is more precise and accurate now. 

When a universal remote senses any sort of connection they usually respond to that. But the factor is that, while the tv remote senses any signal they make sure it is coming from a compatible electronic device. That is why they can respond to any tv.

Tricks To Program Any Remote To Any Tv

Tricks To Program Any Remote To Any Tv

There are multiple ways to program a universal remote in order to connect it to any tv. We will go through them one by one and understand how to perform these things one by one.  You need to understand the detailed procedure.

In order to understand all the functionalities properly you need to go through all the tricks precisely and understand them. If you face any problem while implementing these procedures then without any hesitation you can knock me. 

These functions are highly reliable along with almost a hundred percent working guarantee. So, I recommend that you follow each of them properly.

1. Auto Programming

Auto programming is one of the most frequent ways. It is also known as auto code search. This can be performed without any additional requirements. Follow the below simple steps in order to connect them properly. 

  • Turn on the device you would like to connect to properly.
  • Make sure the remote has the proper battery support. 
  • Press the tv button from the remote. There can be multiple options available here.
  • Press the power button and device button simultaneously. Until the power button lights, you need to hold that button.
  • Press the play button and wait for a certain amount of time. Perhaps five to ten seconds. Observe whether you are connected to the turns off then you are on the right track. 
  • If that does not work then you need to repeat these steps again. In that case, the remote will try a new batch of codes each time you hit the play button. With the press of the play button, each time new series of works begins.
  • Find the revise or rewind button on your remote control. Press and release that button that will turn the device on. Repeat those steps until you find the correct way of doing it.
  • Then you need to press the stop button and save the code.
  • Now perform testing in order to find them working properly then start using your remote.

2. Brand Code Searching

Brand code search is another common way to use a universal remote for all tv. Brand code search is an option that looks for code for a specific brand. Sometimes the brand code can be found online also. So, it can be a good option also.

  • Press and hold the power button properly.
  • While holding the button of device you need to press and hold the power button. Then there is a probability that the power button should light up.
  • Then you need to release the power button along with the device button at the same time. 
  • You need to use the number pad of the universal remote to enter the brand code.
  • Until the device turns off you need to release and press the power button of the remote.
  • While the device is turning off then press the stop button. You need to save the code also. If the device does not turn off then you will need another way of programming to verify that you are using the proper brand code.

This is a proper way of programming a universal remote in order to connect it to any sort of television. So, you can connect this using a proper brand code where the code can be found online.

3. Entry of Direct Code

Some of The Functionalities of Universal Remote

Apart from the above ways, you can use this procedure also. The procedure is known as direct code entry. Unlike auto programming, direct code entry is also code specific. So, you need to program it using a different approach.

Direct code can be accompanied by the company also. Usually, globally each brand maintains a specific code for their television. The remote controls use that code to be connected to them. That is why direct code entry is another efficient way of connecting the tv with any remote control. 

  • You need to assure it that the device is turned on.
  • The batteries should be powered properly.
  • You need to press the appropriate power button. The power should be lit up. 
  • You need to continue pressing the desired button.
  • Once the powered button is lit up then you can perform your desired task.
  • You can release the device button after the power button starts to glow once more. Now that you’ve input the right code, you can use the remote control for that device.
  • You need to perform the same for a specific period of time until you reach your desired connection. 

This remote control enables you to manage up to 3 devices, including TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, sound bars, cable and satellite receivers, Roku, streaming media players, and more! So, you can understand a huge number of applications are available here.

Well, you have gone through all the tricks available in order to program a universal remote with any tv. These steps will allow us to connect all the remotes properly. Apart from that, no other tricks are available.

Now, I am going to suggest some of the best universal remotes that will make your life easier while connecting it with any sort of device. Different brands produce universal remotes. For you, we have identified some of the most necessary remote brands.

Some of The Best Universal Remote Brands

As mentioned earlier numerous brands produce universal remote control and I am suggesting to you only the best remote control that will accomplish your task properly. You can use these remotes without any hesitation. I will recommend two universal remotes here. So, without any other tales let’s get started.

  1. Samsung Universal Remote

Samsung is a renowned brand that produces numerous electronic devices. One of the major products of this brand is the universal remote control. The feature of this product can be described below:

  1. It is a multi-control device that can operate with any television. Along with this remote control can powerfully complete its activities with no extra power consumption.
  1. The device comes with a pre-programmed version with B-button. Navigation buttons are pretty specific and easy to navigate. 
  1. The decode has simple setup options. Most of the keys are very easy to understand along with no extra problems seen here.
  1. The remote has a huge number of libraries, and an excellent number of functions are available here to perform numerous operations.

The above functions allow the Samsung universal remote control to be superior to other remotes. From my personal experience, the remote is excellent and long-lasting. You can choose it without giving any second opinion. I will suggest another remote for your betterment.

  1. Philips Universal Remote

Philips is one of the ancient brands that give users an authentic experience regarding electronic devices. I have found that the universal remote from Philips is very user-friendly. 

I will let you know how you can handle this remote in order to serve your purpose. The main issue with this remote can be stated below.

  1. Like Samsung, Philips is also a multi-version remote control system that allows giving a great user experience. The amplification capability of this remote control is very good along with a good battery backup.
  1. An enriched number of libraries is integrated here. Most functions work properly without any hassle. The users can easily understand which button will play which function.
  1. This universal remote supports thousands of the newest audio/video equipment and functions with all major brands.
  1. Philips provides an excellent user experience. I have found customer care active almost every time. The service of this company is top-notch.
  1. Like Samsung, this remote also comes with a pre-programmed version along with numerous buttons. The buttons are covered with a good ribbon that will give proper experience to operate this remote.

I personally have used a huge amount of universal remote controls. But the universal remote controls of Samsung and Philips are a bit distinct in some ways. All you need to do is to experiment with whether these two brands are able to give the required service you need or not.


Universal remotes are globally popular to connect to any television. I provided my user experience and knowledge so that you can also achieve your goal easily. You need to understand the functionalities properly and apply them properly in order to accomplish your task.

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