7 Steps to Adjust Rear Speakers on Samsung Soundbar

Do you want to bring out the best sound quality from your Samsung Soundbar without having to spend a penny? No, we aren’t joking, it is possible. Most people forget about the rear speakers on Samsung soundbars when streaming loud music. If they are adjusted and set up correctly, not only will the sound quality get more nuanced, loud and clear but overall make a huge difference in your everyday streaming experience.

Similarly, adjusting them incorrectly will result in terrible sound quality. That is why in this article we are going to teach you how to adjust rear speakers on Samsung soundbars the correct way in simple steps.

How to adjust rear speakers on samsung soundbar

How to Adjust Rear Speakers on Samsung Soundbar

Adjust The Rear Speakers on Samsung Soundbar With These 7 Easy Steps

Just a heads up, make sure your Samsung soundbar is switched on and has sufficient battery power remaining before you start making adjustments. It is also recommended to give the rear speakers a quick wipe and clean-up if it is smothered with dirt particles.

Step 1: Locate the Rear Speakers

You can’t possibly adjust them until you identify them correctly. Rear speakers are typically situated on the sides of the soundbar, either the left or right side. For some Samsung Soundbar models, the rear speakers could be at the very back. The rear speakers are generally labeled in bold letters so it shouldn’t be that difficult to locate them.

Step 2: Connect Them Up

Yes, the rear speakers need to be manually connected to the soundbar using good-quality cables. There are many different cables in the market to choose from, you can buy any but in general, we recommend using a 3.5 mm aux cable or any high-level signal cables such as RCA.

Auxiliary cables are more convenient to use and are compact in size. On the other hand, RCA cables are simpler and more reliable. Now it’s up to you to decide which cable type you want to go for.

Step 3: Work on The Volume Settings

Once you’ve successfully connected the rear speakers to your Samsung soundbar with a wired cable, the next task is to go to settings. You need to adjust the volume based on your liking – whether you want the audio to be too loud, moderate or too quiet. Set at a comforting level for your ears.

Step 4: Regulate The Balance

Not just the volume, for better sound quality you need to make adjustments to the ‘Balance’ control on the soundbar too next to the volume button. With the balance control, you can adjust the volume intensity of the rear speakers in balance to the front speakers of your Samsung soundbar.

Step 5: Adjust The Delay Control

After you’ve set up the ‘Volume’ and ‘Balance’ options according to your liking, it’s now time to make adjustments to the ‘Delay’ setting option. Through this option, you can delay the sound coming from the rear speakers as compared to the front speakers. But the recommended setting for best streaming experience is to adjust in such a way so that the sounds from both – the front and rear speakers kick off at the same time and flow together for an even louder experience.

Step 6: Time For a Quick Test

It’s hard to make correct adjustments to the Volume, Balance and Delay settings without a song playing in the background. Because the adjustments you’re making may feel right to the touch of your fingers but not sound very well when you play a song or a movie. Therefore, to test if your adjustments are truly perfect and need no modifying, simply play your favorite song and carefully listen.

Step 7: Final Examination

Try to detect any inconsistencies or distortions in the sounds you can hear. We recommend playing a song that you’ve listened to a hundred times before, that way your eardrums will be able to spot any minor changes in the music. If something feels different, don’t be afraid to experiment with the settings until everything feels okay.

And if the sound quality feels great already, then pat yourself on the back for making it this far. Well done!

Final Thoughts

If your rear speakers don’t seem to be working perfectly no matter how many times you adjust the settings, you should right away examine the cable. Perhaps the cable used to make connection has become loose or faulty – in that case you’ll have to replace it.

Furthermore, to make best use of your rear speakers and bring out awesome sound quality out of them, you must use them in the right environment. There should be plenty of free space surrounding them. Also, make sure no big furniture or electronic appliances are causing any obstructions directly to the speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1- How do you turn up the rear speakers on a Samsung soundbar?

– You can turn up the volume using your Samsung soundbar remote control. Or if your Samsung soundbar is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, you can also adjust the volume from your phone.

Q.2- How do I increase the volume on my rear speakers?

– If the volume is set at too low and you would like to increase it, you can simply press and hold the sound control button for 3-5 seconds to adjust the audio sound for each frequency band.

Q.3- What is the best position for Samsung soundbar rear speakers?

– It is better to position the rear speakers at the same height level as your front speakers and make sure that neither of these speakers are lower than the ear level of the listeners, rather it should be 60cm higher than the ear level and slightly facing downward.

Q.4- How high should Samsung rear speakers be?

– Exactly as high as the ear level or slightly higher than the ear level of your audience by 60-70 cms. The rear speakers should be facing the front of the room for better sound quality. But remember, no matter how high your rear speakers are positioned, make sure the tweeters are pointed to the ear level at least.

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