Can I Use Coaxial Cable For Subwoofer? (Complete Answer)

Yes, you can use a coaxial cable as well. In some cases, they are more effective to connect a subwoofer.

My friend Cole purchased a subwoofer recently. And this is his first time using one. He was wondering if he could use a coaxial cable for the subwoofer. Or if he needs some other cables specifically for the connection. I did some research on that so I shared it all here.

Why Should You Use Coaxial Cables?

Can I Use Coaxial Cable For Subwoofer

In most cases, we use RCA cables or these Subwoofer cables- which are basically digital coaxial cables! That brings us to a debate, considering the reasons behind using coaxial cables!

  • Using coaxial cables for connecting your subwoofer would be great! Especially, if you are planning to connect your subwoofer to your source over a longer distance. And this distance could cover around 40 feet! That means you can also connect if your subwoofer is placed in another room!
  • Coaxial cables are comparatively cheaper! If you are looking for reasonable options, then this could be perfect for your sub!
  • With an impedance of 75 ohms, it is ideal for connecting the subwoofer.
  • Available everywhere! Whereas you wouldn’t get subwoofer cables that easily. 
  • Rigidity and Durability are top-notch compared to the subwoofer cables. The braided copper mesh shielding is much better! That helps it to avoid Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) as well as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Thereby, you can use it for covering longer distances.
  • It also promotes additional insulation thereby securing the internal parts from the external surrounding. 
  • Commonly used for pre-wire installing purposes.

How To Connect Your Subwoofer Using Coaxial Cables

How To Connect Your Subwoofer Using Coaxial Cables

The process is pretty simple!

  • Get a pair of coaxial cables that has a good amount of shielding. Of course, they should never be shorted.
  • For connectors, use “F to RCA”. Make sure not to crimp the connector. That might pierce the connector jacket. As a result of which, your subwoofer might hum.
  • You need to check the center of the connector. The center should not remain shorted to the shielding of the cables. It should be connected to the center pin of your connector.
  • Follow the above procedures to connect to the other end.
  • Coming to the subwoofer, plug the coaxial cable into its red input.

N.B. If you prefer bass performance, simply add a ‘y’ cable and plug it into both L and R ends of your sub.

What Is The Best Coaxial Cable To Connect Subwoofer?

Frankly speaking, coaxial cables do not have such defined characteristics. To distinguish the best among the rest. Usually, all coaxial cables have an impedance of 75 ohms. Some might have an impedance of 50 ohms. That being said, the other RCA and subwoofer cables have an impedance of 75 ohms.

Yet if you are asking for the best coaxial cables, I would recommend using an RG-6. It will cover both analog and digital connections. Additionally, it will cover an area up to 250 inches long.

What Are The Other Alternatives To Coaxial Cables?

Why Should You Use Coaxial Cables

If you are looking for other alternatives to coaxial cables, there you go:

HDMI Cables

In recent times, HDMI cables reign over for transmitting both high and low audio signals. HDMI cables could be the best alternative to coaxial ones.

To connect your subwoofer via HDMI cables, simply plug one end into the audio input port of your TV. And the other end to the HDMI cable of your subwoofer.

RCA Cables

RCA cables are also widely used for connecting subwoofers. Basically, they come in a pair of red, white, and yellow wires. The red and white ones are for left and right audio respectively. Whereas the yellow wire is for composite video. RCA cables also act as connectors for the coaxial cables. They transmit analog audio and video signals to your subwoofer.

However, a major difference between the RCA and Coaxial cables is that: unlike Coaxial cables, RCA cables fail to cover a longer distance. That’s because RCA cables experience Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) when they get scattered with other wires. And your subwoofer might result in humming.

Digital Coaxial Cables/Subwoofer Cables

Digital coaxial cables/subwoofer cables are responsible for transmitting low-frequency audio signals. Other than that, there is also a composite video that transmits video signals. Simply put, subwoofer cables transmit digital data and signals. 

These subwoofer cables are best to avoid unnecessary noise. Besides, they are surrounded by tight woven fibers and include golden plating. This is to prevent rust as well as maintain proper conductivity.

Speaker Wires

Speaker wires could also be used to connect a subwoofer. All you need is a pair of speaker wires and ¼” jacks to connect them.

You can plug speaker wires into your subwoofer via the RCA cables. Again, if your cable has a ‘y’ end, you can connect it to the R and L ports on the sub.


To add more to your knowledge regarding subwoofer cables, I thought of adding a few FAQs in this section.

Is a subwoofer cable a special cable?

Ans: Well, subwoofer cables are an updated version of the regular RCA CABLES. They are equipped with thicker insulation material for better audio quality. Again, the shielding is much better comparatively. That helps to avoid external interference and prevent frequent power loss.

Is coaxial better than RCA?

Ans: Definitely! Coaxial cables are far better than RCA. Starting from the insulating materials to the shielding quality, coaxial cables surpass those of RCA. And are great for all types of devices.


So I believe you’d have no more queries regarding the use of coaxial cable for the subwoofer. With perfect shielding quality, they would be the best for covering longer distances. So if your subwoofer and source device stays a decent distance apart from each other, no worries!

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