6.5 or 8 Inch Ceiling Speakers for Atmos?

Power and size are the most decisive factors when choosing 6.4 or 8-inch ceiling-mounted Atmos speakers. For getting a wide range of coverage, you should get an 8-inch atmos ceiling speaker. But for a lower amount of cost 6.5 atmos speakers serves you well.

Apart from that many advantages and disadvantages of these models are available. Learning about them before buying is very important. First, you need to understand what your requirements are. Then you can decide which one you need to buy.

A Smaller Outlook Of the Atmos Speakers

6.5 or 8 Inch Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

First, I will let you know some of the basic comparisons between these two speakers. But it is better not to judge them properly by watching the short comparisons. You need to gather an extended idea in order to achieve your desired speaker.

You need to choose precisely in order to enjoy the best Atmos experience. All the speakers designed with modern technologies can support Dolby Atmos. Some of the common criteria are illustrated here.

FeatureAtmos 6.5 inches speakerAtmos 6 inches speaker
Size of the roomNeeds smaller spaceBigger space is required
Intensity of BassMediumHigh
Mount SizeMediumHigh
Sound Organization Good for soft musicGood for rock music
Power ConsumptionLowHigh
PriceComparatively lowerComparatively higher

Well, a short comparison is shown between the two speakers. Now I would like to introduce you to the detailed features of these speakers.

6.5 vs 8 Inch Ceiling Speakers for Atmos

1. Issues With the Room Size

A significant factor is the room in the case of the speaker. The sound will get weaker if the room size is larger with respect to the speaker. Power and the size of the speaker are very important. 

Atmos 6.5-inch speakers are very good for a medium size room. If your room size is more than 180 square feet, you must go for an 8-inch speaker. Apart from that, you can buy an Atmos speaker to get good sound quality.

However, this speaker won’t cover large rooms larger than 200 square feet. For this, 8-inch speakers are required. These speakers have the capability to evenly disperse the sound around the space.

In the case of Atmos 6.5- and 8 inches ceiling speakers, you need to specify the size of the room. An Atmos 6.5 inch speaker requires a 110  – 185 square feet place whereas in the case of 8 inches you need over 200 square feet place. 

2. Bass Intensity 

If the bass of your speaker is bad then your ears might not catch each sound properly. Bass is an important thing in terms of speakers. Bass can be observed as a bridge in between percussion and trebles. 

The bass can vary based on the size of the speaker. You must remember that large speakers produce larger bass.  It has a greater influence in the case of listening. Room size is proportional to the bass of the produced sound. 

The intensity of Bass is lesser in Atmos 6.5 inches speakers whereas Atmos 8 inches speakers have more Bass than most modern speakers.

3. Size of the Mount

For obtaining a proper view of the room, you must focus on the mount of the speaker. The placement of the speaker depends on the size of the mount. For easy placement, 6.5-inch speakers are a good choice.

If you think about an 8-inch speaker, then you will understand that the mount of the 8-inch speaker is easier to notice. The 8-inch speakers are well decorated and best suited to the case of the mount.

The 6.5-inch speaker is best for background sound. But the surrounding sound can not be properly heard. On the other hand, Atmos 8-inch speakers are best for surrounding sounds rather than background sound.

4. Sound Organization

The sound originating from the speakers can be divided into two several parts. One is the background sound, and the second is the surrounding sound. When you talk about the background sound, then I will recommend the 6.5-inch speakers.

But when you are focused on the surrounding sound, then you must focus on the 8-inch speakers. Usually, the background sound is soft and continuous. So, 6.5 speakers are best for soft music. 

An 8-inch speaker can roll with the surrounding sound precisely. So, for hard rock music, I will recommend the 8-inch speaker. So, based on the sound preference, you must select either a 6.5-inch or 8-inch speaker.

5. Power Consumption

The finest sound quality does not only depend on the speakers. Gathering the required power is a big factor in listening to the desired music. Proper synchronization is needed in order to get the desired sound.

The power consumption is heavier in an 8 inches speaker in compromise to Atmos 6.5 inches speaker. So more power consumption means more electric power. You have to understand how much you can afford in the case of electric bills. This is a vital issue.

The 6.5-inch speakers are medium in size. So, it is obvious, a small powered amplifier is the best match for a 6.5-inch speaker. A high-powered amplifier will not be a proper suit for the 6.5-inch speaker. On the contrary, an 8-inch speaker is well suited for a high-powered amplifier.

The price of the Atmos 8-inch speakers is more than the Atmos 6.5-inch speakers. So, you must fit your budget in order to buy a certain speaker. 

Disadvantages of Atmos 6.5 inches and Atmos 8 inches 

Disadvantages of Atmos 6.5 inches and Atmos 8 inches

Sometimes it is better to learn about the disadvantages at an earlier time. Here, I will give some of the major issues shown by the 6.5-inch Atmos speaker. You have to understand all the issues before buying these types of speakers.

  • Atmos 6.5 inches can not catch high rock music. Even if it tries, it will miss some of the tunes.
  • Intensity and bass will be lower. As a result, the crowd might not enjoy it properly.
  • This speaker can be affected by dust easily.
  • The Mount size is lower, so less sound in a bigger place.

These are the disadvantages shown by the Atmos 6.5 speakers. Apart from that, now I will also let you know about some major cons regarding Atmos 8 speakers.

  • The power consumption rate is too high. As a result, you might need to pay a higher amount of money for billing purposes.
  • Not good for soft instrumental music. For medium-range sound Atmos 6.5 is preferable.
  • Need bigger space for placement..
  • Though intensity and bass is high yet some people might not like it due to its direct conversion of bass.

Upper points are very much observed in Atmos 8 inches speakers more often. Multiple solutions are available for that topic. Here, I delivered the points for the betterment of your shopping. You can easily decide which point is important for you and which one you should buy.

I will suggest some of the best Atmos speakers below so that you can take a look at them and get a proper idea.

Some of the Best 6.5-Inch Speakers 

I will present some of the best 6.5-inch speakers with short descriptions. You can have a detailed look at the features and then decide which one you should buy. These speakers are selected based on their performance and other necessary features.


  • The ability to produce bass is higher than others.
  • No extra power consumption.
  • Mount size is perfect for a small-sized room.
  • Dedicated crossover components.
  • The impedance level is quite low.

II) Pioneer Power TS

  • Excellent Mount size with bass.
  • Power consumption is very low.
  • Long-lasting crossover components.
  • Almost zero impedance.
  • Rectify the sounds properly.

The above speakers are well suited for any kind of user. Now, you can have a look at both of them and decide whether they are suited for you or not. Decide it by yourself here.

Next, I will introduce you to two of the best 8-inch speakers. The speakers are selected due to their longevity along with special features. The price of these speakers is not that costly. Based on each criterion i have selected these two speakers. 

Some of the Best 8 Inch Speakers 

I) Polk Audio Blackstone

  • Tremendous mount size.
  • Impedance is lower.
  • Both rock and soft music are finely heard.
  • Crossover components are guaranteed. 
  • The intensity of the bass is the main attraction.

II) Polk Studio RC

  • Seamless audio quality attracts users.
  • Power consumption is very low despite being an 8-inch speaker.
  • Finest quality crossover components.
  • Almost zero impedance along with a lower amount of noise.  The sounds are properly rectified.

The 6.5-inch and 8-inch speakers differ in a number of ways. After evaluating all the comparable factors, I will offer my impartial opinion. 6.5-inch speakers will work if you need them for a tiny space. 

It is also less expensive. The volume produced is adequate. It is effective in terms of value for money. However, you will need to make up for the bass. Additionally, you must choose 8-inch speakers if your room is large. 

Although more expensive, it will produce quality sound. The sound will fill the entire space because the bass is stronger. A 6.5-inch speaker cannot adequately fill a large space. So don’t attempt to cut costs here.

Taking all the factors into account, you must make a choice carefully. If you have an ample-sized room with proper components then I would like to recommend the 8-inch speakers. But if the mount size is not a big factor then you can go for 6.5-inch speakers. 

Based on the brand, the sound quality might vary. So, choosing the brand properly is also another vital factor. So, do proper research and select your desired brand.


I have represented a comparison between 6.5-inch and 8-inch speakers. There are many factors attached to this comparison, so a clear winner cannot be determined. You have to understand the necessity properly and choose the right product for you.

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