How to Clean Bose Wave CD Player [DIY Cleaning]

CD players have been one of our favorites as part of our home theatre or home audio system, and Bose Wave was one of our top choices. But, sometimes, you might notice skipping a piece, or the system is not running smoothly. In that case, you need to know how to clean bose wave cd player

Now, there are three ways to clean your bose wave cd player: an air bulb or compressed air, laser lens cleaner, or manually you can do it too.

I will discuss all these methods in detail. Stay with us to learn more!

Before You Clean Bose Wave CD Player [Follow These Steps]

Before You Clean Bose Wave CD Player [Follow These Steps]

There are some things and steps to maintain before you proceed to clean your cd players. Just to ensure that cleaning will fix any issues if there are any.

  • To ensure, you might take a couple of minutes and do a bit of troubleshooting for your CD.
  • Then, insert any CD that needs to be on the right side.
  • After that, disconnect the system from the power. Let it be that way for one full minute.
  • Then, reconnect again with the power source.
  • Play the CD and notice if there is any trouble or not.

If you find any other issues, it might be wise to address or fix the problems first. Here are some possible issues that could arise.

  • Sometimes the CD could skip while playing, and you will notice it.
  • And, sometimes, the player won’t run at all.

That’s when you know you should definitely clean the CD. Even If there isn’t, you should clean the CD player occasionally.

How Do I Clean My Bose Wave CD Player?

You have quite a few options for cleaning your Bose Wave CD player. To be specific, there are three ways that I know of and personally used to clean my CD player.

  1. Compressed air.
  2. A laser lens cleaner disc.
  3. Manually (Any microfiber cloth or something like that)

Here we will learn all of them. Let’s start with the first one.

Method #1: Air Bulb or Compressed Air

How to Clean Bose Wave CD Player

Here are the steps to use compressed air to clean your player and make it new again.

  • Of course, there shouldn’t be any disc in the player, and open the tray while it’s still plugged into the power source.
  • After that, switch off the power source and unplug the cable.
  • Then the first step is to remove the CD player drawer. It will help you reach further into there to clean it properly.
  • After that, you will notice small pins and screws on both sides of the CD player. You need to unpin or unscrew them. Do it gently so that you don’t put any scratches on the disc.
  • Altogether remove the cover.
  • You can get an air bulb to handle the air pressure. That way, there won’t be any risk of damaging the player or any component.
  • But, if there is too much dust and you can’t clean it with the air bulb, get the compressed air, stay around nine to ten inches from the CD player, and start blowing in there.
  • If you closely put pressure, that might destroy or damage any components. So beware of not doing that.

Method #2: Laser Lens Cleaner

Another effective way to clean your CD player is a laser lens or disc cleaner. You won’t have to put that much effort behind it; it is one of the cheapest solutions ever.

  • Get any disc cleaner, and anything would work.
  • Insert it in the player as you insert your regular CDs.
  • Play it, relax, and let it do its work.
  • Multiple microfiber brushes will clean out the dust and dirt inside the player, along with the lens cleaner.
  • Just running it once might not work; play it a few times. Four or five times will be enough to clean the entire system thoroughly.

Method #3: Manually

If you don’t have the option to use the previous two methods, you can always manually clean the CD players. It would be tricky, and you must be extra careful while cleaning it.

  • Before starting the process, you will need rubbing alcohol/isopropyl alcohol (Just a few drops) and a microfiber cloth. The alcohol should be at least 91% concentration, or you can also use a lens cleaning solution.
  • You need to remove the cover, as I mentioned in method one. Start with unscrewing the pins and then ultimately take off the lid.
  • Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol and put it in the microfiber cloth, and smoothly and gently clean the upper side and then the lower backside.
  • Keep a straight motion and start from the middle and keep it till the edge.
  • Now get another dry microfiber cloth and clean if there are any drops left on the surface and clean it.
  • Leave it like that for half an hour until the components are dry.
  • Then, back the cover, screw the pins, and put them back together.

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Additional Tips to Remember

Here are some additional tips while cleaning the CD player and if any issues are found after cleaning.

  • While cleaning, always use the right products for the components and be gentle.
  • If you use any cotton swab by any chance, ensure no strings are left, which might cause issues later on the lens.
  • If the CD player stops working or skipping, don’t try to clean it over again or figure out the issue. And get it to a professional to seek help to find the exact problem.
  • Try to avoid smoking or anything that creates smoke in the room where you’re playing the CD player, as it shortens the lifespan of the player and yours.
  • Always remember not to put your hand near any power socket.

Wrap Up

As promised, I went through every single method available for you to clean your Bose Wave CD player. You can use any of them as preferred or convenient. Let me know if you know of any more accessible methods or your thoughts on the existing methods.

Have a great day!

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