What Size Soundbar for TV? [For 32” to 85” Inches TV]

There is no exact soundbar size for your TV, but the rule of thumb is to get a soundbar that doesn’t exceed the TV’s width and is not too small that it doesn’t fill up the room with sound and can’t get out the best result possible from both TV and soundbar.

To find the optimal size, you need to get the TV’s width; depending on that, the soundbar’s size would be around 5” more or less than that. For example, for a TV size of 32” to 85”, you will need a soundbar 25” to 75”. 

Here is a complete guideline on what size soundbar for tv and all the necessary information you need.

What Size Soundbar for TV

TV Size (Inches)

TV Width (inches)

  Soundbar Size (Inches)


Room Size




  25 to 35

30 to 40


VIZIO SB3220n-F6



  30 to 40

Solo 5



  35 to 40




  35 to 45



45 to 50

40 to 65


Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL



45 to 50



45 to 50



55 to 60



Sony HT-S350



60 to 65



65 to 75

Bose Smart Soundbar 900



70 to 80

Does TV Size Matter for Sound Bar?

Yes, it does matter a lot. It’s crucial to select a soundbar that is compatible with the size of your TV and can provide the audio experience you desire.

Here is why selecting the suitable soundbar and the benefits you will get for getting the right one is essential.

  • Combination 1 (Small TV & Big Soundbar): The sound may be too overwhelming for the screen size, and you can’t get the best experience from the big soundbar.
  • Combination 2 (Big TV & Small Soundbar): The result or sounds may not be able to fill the room effectively, and you may struggle to hear dialogue or experience immersive sound effects.
  • Combination 3 (Right-Sized TV & Soundbar): Exact the desired experience with the right amount of sound. Besides, the screen size will be compatible and not overwhelming. Not to mention getting the best sound experience you will get.

These are just overviews and don’t express all the other factors you need to consider. In the following section, I will discuss all the other elements in detail.

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5 Additional Factors to Consider

Does TV Size Matter for Sound Bar

As you already got an overall idea of how to find your soundbar size depending on your TV size and how much the size matters, there are some other factors at play that we should never forget.

Here are some factors you should consider, along with the soundbar size. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Factor #1: Amp & Wattage

You might be wondering, out of all the other factors, why I am discussing the wattage factor first. The primary reason is to clear out some confusion regarding this factor: the loudness or volume of the soundbar relies on the wattage, meaning the more wattage there is, the more sound it can produce.

Here is the thing, the wattage you see it’s used for the max power output of the amp that is connected to the system. But, yes, even though having one amplifier for your speaker is not mandatory, it can significantly enhance the output.

And, besides that, depending on your room size, TV and soundbar size, amplifier, or wattage amount will vary. For example, 30 to 40 wattage for small-sized rooms would be enough, whereas you will need 40 to 65 for medium-sized ones and more than 65 for the bigger ones.

Factor #2: Channel Number

Another crucial aspect to consider is the channel’s number in the soundbar. When choosing a soundbar size and TV, you must think about the number of channels you require for an immersive sound experience with better directionality and surround sound.

In this case, the soundbar size will depend on the TV size, and a larger soundbar may be necessary for a giant TV, like 65”,  to maintain proportionate sound quality. A soundbar corresponds to the number of speakers within it, with a 2-channel soundbar having two speakers, whereas a 5-channel soundbar has five speakers.

Besides, 5.1 and 7.1 channels enhance the overall quality on a new level. While getting a soundbar, you must consider all the available options and channels and choose one that supports the highest number.

Factor #3: Room Size or Space

The size of the room and the TV should be considered when selecting a soundbar to ensure that the soundbar can fill the space with quality sound that matches the size of the room and TV. For example, Suppose the room has high ceilings. In that case, a soundbar with a broader soundstage or more powerful speakers may be necessary to create a more immersive experience.

On the other hand, even though getting a giant or massive soundbar for your TV and considering room size is not crucial, a soundbar with a subwoofer may be necessary to fill the space with sound.

So, the rule of thumb remains the same, the bigger the room, the bigger the TV size, and the bigger the soundbar. But getting a subwoofer with the setup will improve the quality in every way possible.

Factor #4: Active vs Passive Option

Regarding soundbar size, both active and passive soundbars can come in various sizes depending on the manufacturer and model. Active soundbars have built-in amplifiers and usually come with their power supply, making them more convenient and accessible to set up than passive soundbars.

On the other hand, Passive soundbars do not have built-in amplifiers and require an external amplifier or receiver to power them. They may also require additional cables and connections for proper setup.

Because passive soundbars require an external amplifier or receiver, they may be better suited for larger home theater setups. On the other hand, active soundbars can be more compact and a better option for smaller rooms or setups where space is limited.

Factor #5: Connection Options

Modern soundbars have multiple connection options, such as HDMI, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Auxiliary. 

You will find the HDMI option on most soundbars and can provide high-quality audio and video transmission on most soundbars and can provide high-quality audio and video transmission. 

As for the other options, Optical connections use a fiber-optic cable to transmit digital audio signals, whereas AUX connections allow for a wired connection from a device such as a phone or MP3 player.

The last two options are WIFI and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a standard feature on many soundbars, regardless of size. However, larger soundbars may have more substantial Bluetooth capabilities and a more extended range and not to mention Wi-Fi connections may also support additional features such as multi-room audio and voice control.

Besides these factors, you must ensure the compatibility of the soundbar with your existing or new setup. If there is any issue or confusion, ask the manufacturer, and you can find out the options that are all available and comes with the soundbar.

Recommended Soundbars for Your Different TV Sizes

Now that you have a complete idea about getting a soundbar depending on your TV size, here are some examples and personal recommendation that I think goes with all the options available, considering all the crucial factors.

I will categorize similar TV sizes into groups and recommend them to you. Let’s get into it!

Category: Medium – For TV Size [32” to 45”]

What size soundbar for 32-inch TV

The medium category contains four different sizes, and I will mention three soundbars for them.

The sizes are 32”, 40”, 42”, and 45”. As you know, you need to determine the TV’s width first; depending on that, you can get your optimal-sized soundbar.

What size soundbar for 32-inch TV?A 25 to 35-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 40-inch TV?A 30 to 40-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 42-inch TV?A 35 to 40 inches (maximum of 45 inches)
What Size Soundbar for 43 Inch TV?A 35 to 40 inches soundbar

Here are the recommendations:

Recommendation #1

Almost nine years back, I had a 32-inch TV and used many soundbars, but one was excellent and fulfilled my requirements. The soundbar is VIZIO SB3220n-F6.

Here are the reasons I think that would be an excellent option for you.

  •  With a frequency response of 70 Hz – 20 kHz, it can deliver clear and powerful sound with its two full-range speakers and built-in tweeters.
  • It comes with RCA-to-3.5mm audio and optical cable and is designed to be easily set up.
  • It measures 32 inches wide, is perfect for your 32” TV, and can fit easily in most home entertainment setups. You can put it under the TV or mount it on the wall, whatever you choose.
  • Besides, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a versatile and budget-friendly soundbar for your 32-inch TV, it is the one to get.

Recommendation #2

I know the perfect soundbar for the 40-inch TV: Bose Solo 5.

  • Its sleek and compact design fits perfectly with your 40-inch TV without occupying much space in your room.
  • If you’re a movie and TV show lover and love watching them on your TV, then I have good news for you. The speaker comes with the “Dialogue Mode” feature, allowing you to hear every spoken word clearly without increasing the overall volume.
  • The universal remote control and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet and stream music wirelessly, making operating your TV and soundbar easy.
  • A straightforward setup process ensures that you can start enjoying your favorite movies and shows without wasting any moment.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, cost-effective solution and seeking an improved audio experience, you should definitely get it.

Recommendation #3

For TV sizes 42 and 43 inches, I would highly recommend the SAMSUNG HW-T450. Not just because I have a friend’s place where I have experienced its excellent sound quality but also for the following reasons;

  • Thanks to the 2.1 channel configuration and Dolby Audio support, It can produce a clear, crisp, and well-balanced sound and delivers an immersive audio experience.
  • You can place the wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room, and the sleek and modern design blends perfectly with your TV, allowing you to enjoy deep, powerful bass without any hassle.
  • You can adjust and customize the bass, treble, and other settings to your preference with remote control.
  • It is equipped with various connectivity options, including Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB, allowing you to connect to any device.

I don’t want to sound pushy, but It’s definitely worth considering if you want to enhance your home entertainment experience.

Category: Semi-Big – For TV Size [49” to 55”]

Under this category, you will find three different sizes, 49”, 50”, and 55”.

What size soundbar for 49-inch TV?A 45 to 50-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 50-inch TV?A 45 to 50-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 55-inch TV?A 45 to 50-inch soundbar

No, you might wonder why I repeated the same-sized soundbar for all three TV sizes. Because all these sizes have almost the same widths, thus the soundbar size for these will be the same.

I won’t bother with three soundbar recommendations and waste your time and mine. You can get Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL, and you won’t need to worry if you will switch between these TV sizes.


  • Two built-in subwoofers deliver powerful bass, while the dual speakers provide crystal-clear dialogue and dynamic sound effects.
  • You can control my TV, music, and smart home devices with voice commands as it has Alexa built into the soundbar and adds a whole new level of functionality.
  • It’s also compact enough to fit seamlessly with your TV and incredibly easy to set up with HDMI cable, optical cable, and remote control options.
  • The soundbar offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it easy to connect your devices.

Category: Big – For TV Size [65” to 85”]

What size soundbar for 85-inch TV

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can have a TV size that can fill your entire wall, and it’s a cinema hall.

As it’s a considerable investment, you all need an excellent soundbar for these sizes.

What size soundbar for 65-inch TV?A 55 to 60-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 70-inch TV?A 60 to 65-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 75-inch TV?A 65 to 70-inch soundbar
What size soundbar for 85-inch TV?A 70 to 80-inch soundbar

Now, you can use the exact soundbar sizes for the 65” and 70” TV and the same for the 75”  and 85” soundbars.

Here are the recommendations: 

For 65” & 70”: 

For these sizes, Sony HT-S350 would be perfect. Here are the reasons why:

  • It’s perfect for watching movies, TV shows, and playing games, as it delivers clear and powerful sound with its 2.1 channel system and wireless subwoofer.
  • The soundbar connects to your TV wirelessly, which means there are no messy cables to deal with.
  • The slim design of the soundbar makes it easy to mount on the wall or place on a shelf.
  • The soundbar and subwoofer were easy to pair, and the entire system was up and running in no time.

Lastly, the sound quality and features it provides are comparable to more expensive models but at a much more affordable price point.

For 75” & 85”: 

A 85” TV is massive, but any soundbar compatible with 75” will smoothly go with the 85”  too. So, I will suggest Bose Smart Soundbar 900 for both sizes. Here’s why:

  • With eight custom-designed drivers and Dolby Atmos technology, it can produce crystal clear sound with deep bass and precise highs and delivers a powerful and immersive audio experience.
  • You can also use voice commands to play music, set alarms, and control smart home devices, as it is equipped with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in.
  • You can wirelessly connect to your TV and other devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making it easy to set up and use.
  • Its compact, low-profile design makes it a perfect fit for your 75 and 85-inch TV.

Wrap Up

That was a long read! But I hope I was able to provide you with every information you need regarding TV and soundbar sizes, how to find them, and your options. Besides, all my suggestions were based on personal experience, so you won’t have to worry about their performances.

That’s all for now. Have a great day!

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