Alternatives to SVS Subwoofers: 10 Options to Consider

SVS is famous for manufacturing high-quality subwoofers. But they fail to attract low and middle-tier consumers most of the time. Asking why?

The quality itself is the reason. To ensure excellent quality, SVS can’t keep the price affordable. As a result, low and middle-tier consumers go for other alternatives. Again, the alternative can’t serve as the SVS subwoofers do. To solve this problem, I have listed 10 alternatives for SVS subwoofers. They offer the same performance as SVS but at affordable prices.

So, here you go.

Top picks: SVS Subwoofer Alternative

You can find many subwoofers that mimic SVS in terms of features. But very few of them can perform like SVS. So, I have listed the subwoofers that offer performance over features. All of them are top-rated and customer-recommended. Here you go.

Comparison Table

SubwooferBest forSizePower rating (RMS)
Klipsch R-12SWOverall Use12”200
Polk Audio PSW10Average User10”50
Sony SACS9Watching Movies10”230
PreSonus Eris Sub 8 CompactCompactness8”50
Acoustic Audio PSW-10Surround Sound10”200
Rockford Fosgate P300-12 PunchCar Sound System12”300
Rockville Rock ShakerPowerful Sound12”400
JBL Stage 120Versatility12”250
Polk Audio HTS 12Premiumness12”200
Denon HomeEase of Use8”150-500

10 SVS Subwoofer Alternative: In-Detail Review

All the subwoofers I have listed are of renowned brands as SVS. So, don’t worry about the quality. Instead, think about your need and preference. Check out the detailed reviews and get the most suitable one for you.

1. Klipsch R-12SW

Klipsch R-12SW


  • 400 watts peak power
  • 29-120 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

Klipsch is not a premium brand like SVS or Sony. Still, it is banging on the top-rated and best-seller list. It is because Klipsch can provide good quality subwoofers at affordable prices. Klipsch R-12SW is an excellent example of it.

This subwoofer has a 12” audio driver. With the help of the digital amplifier, it can produce a powerful sound of 400 watts. Besides, it features a low pass cross-over that can split various frequencies. That’s why the overall sound quality is excellent here.

However, R-12SW is compatible with most types of AVR. So, it goes well with both music and movies. If you ask about the connectivity, it connects through RCA cables. You can expect wireless connectivity. But it is fair for this price.

Lastly, I can talk about the built quality. This subwoofer has a brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth. It also has a significant influence on sound quality. Overall, Klipsch R-12SW is a good alternative to the SVS subwoofer.


  • High amplification
  • Powerful sound
  • Useful for both music and movies


  • No wireless connectivity

2. Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio HTS 12


  • 100 watts peak power
  • 40-160 Hz frequency range
  • Front firing sub

PSW10 from Polkaudio is one of the top-rated subwoofers. It offers some exciting features that attract mass users. Let’s start with the sound. Unlike other subwoofers, PSW10 provides more of a ‘balanced’ sound instead of extreme power. So, it’s a good option for general purposes. Now it makes sense why so many users are eager to get it.

PSW10 is a compact subwoofer. It features a 10” audio driver that can produce up to 100 watts. Besides, it has a lower frequency range. So the bass is rich and deep. But the amount of distortion is minimum here.

Like any other budget subwoofer, PSW10 also comes with auxiliary connectivity. So, you can easily connect it to your existing system.

In conclusion, Polk Audio PSW10 is an all-rounder subwoofer for average users.


  • Balanced sound
  • Low distortion
  • Easy to set up


  • Fewer connectivity options

3. Sony SACS9

Sony SACS9


  • 230 watts peak power
  • 28-200 Hz frequency range
  • Front firing sub

SONY is a household name for electric appliances. You will find SONY everywhere, from smartphones to smart televisions, headphones to speakers. Anyway, I am talking about subwoofers. I found SONY SACS9 very impressive while making the top list.

This is a 10-inch active subwoofer that can produce up to 230 watts. If I talk about the sound quality, it uses Dolby Atmos technology. So, it can produce lifeful sound for the home theatre. You can enjoy movies if you integrate it with a 5.1.2 system. The gaming and music experience is also wholesome here.

SONY SACS9 has coaxial connectivity. It supports 3-way coaxial cables. Thus, you can get preciseness in the sound. Besides, motion feedback technology helps to reduce distortion.

Lastly, I must praise the construction of the subwoofer. SONY SACS9 has a foamed-mica reinforced cabinet. It is responsible for the optimal bass the subwoofer provides. Besides, the wood cabinet with enclosure and cloth grille make it a durable option.


  • Dolby atmos technology
  • The optimal level of bass
  • Durable design


  • Coaxial connectivity technology

4. PreSonus Eris Sub 8 Compact

PreSonus Eris Sub 8 Compact


  • 100 watts peak power
  • 50-130 Hz frequency range
  • Front firing sub

Similar to the Polk Audio PSW10, PreSonus Eris Sub 8 is a compact subwoofer. But it is a better option in many aspects. Firstly the look it comes with is elegant. It can offer a premium feel in your home theater.

However, the look has no use if the performance is not good. Eris Sub 8 has passed the performance test too. It features an 8-inch audio driver that can produce 100 watts of power. This sub has a paper composite transducer with an elastic rubber surround. This construction helps to make smooth low-frequency sound without distortion.

Eris Sub 8 features both high and low pass filters. It can keep the range between 50 Hz to 130 Hz. If you ask about the connectivity, it connects through RCA and TRS. So, you can use it with PCs or monitors and connect the satellite speakers. Basically, it’s perfect for a 2.1 setup.


  • Smooth finish and premium look
  • Balanced sound and minimum distortion.
  • Excellent built quality


  • Low power rating

5. Acoustic Audio PSW-10



  • 400 watts peak power
  • 25-250 Hz frequency range
  • Down firing sub

Acoustic Audio PSW is another alternative to SVS. It’s a different type of subwoofer in terms of firing direction. It’s a down-firing subwoofer. This feature helps to distribute the sound through the room. Besides, placement becomes flexible when the firing direction is downward. That’s all in distinction. Otherwise, it is similar to most of the subs on my list.

Starting with the audio driver, it’s a 10-inch  woofer that can produce up to 400 watts. The frequency ranges from 25 to 250 Hz. This subwoofer comes with a wooden cabinet. It reflexes bass and absorbs excess vibration.

Acoustic Audio PSW-10 connects through RCA cables. It supports both one-way and two-way. So, this sub can connect to any AVR. As it’s a  down-firing sub, you can place it off the speaker. That’s why PSW-10 is suitable for surround sound setup


  • Powerful and well-distributed sound
  • Less vibration and distortion
  • Flexibility in positioning


  • Poor built quality

6. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch


  • 300 watts peak power
  • 35-200 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

Rockford Fosgate is another distinct type of subwoofer. Though it’s a car subwoofer, you can also use it in the home theater. It features a 12” audio driver that can produce up to 300 watts. The custom-sealed enclosure protects the woofer and cuts off excessive noise.

This subwoofer feature a lowpass crossover and an adjustable bass EQ. It helps the subwoofer produce a balanced bass. Besides, controlling the bass becomes easy with it. If I talk about connectivity, it connects through RCA cables.

Rockford Fosgate comes with a unique design. The woofer, amplifier, and enclosure are integrated into a closed loop. This type of design helps the subwoofer balance power and clarity. If you ask about the construction, Rockford Fosgate has high built quality. Moreover, Rockford offers a 1-year warranty for this subwoofer. So, it can be a good alternative to the SVS subwoofer.


  • Balanced sound quality
  • Minimum noise or distortion
  • High built quality


  • Fewer connectivity options

7. Rockville Rock Shaker

Rockville Rock Shaker


  • 800 watts peak power
  • 20-200 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

Rockville rock shaker is another affordable alternative of SVS. The name is totally justified. This subwoofer can shake your room with its massive power. The 12” woofer can produce up to 800 watts. That’s insane. You can think the sub will have a high amount of distortion while making such a powerful sound. But surprisingly, distortion is very minimum even at high volume. The 4 layered voice coil makes it happen.

Anyways, let’s talk about the other features. Rockshaker has a wooden cabinet. It’s decent built quality and moderate durability. But the enclosure is made of high-grade vinyl. It is covered by first-resistant poly cotton. Along with the wooden cabinet, it plays a vital role in absorbing excessive vibration and reducing noise.


  • Super powerful sound
  • Lower noise and distortion
  • Detachable enclosure


  • Poor finish and cheap look

.8. JBL Stage 120

JBL Stage 120


  • 500 watts peak power
  • 32-150 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

JBL is an audio brand owned by Harman International. It’s a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. So, you can assume how good the brand can be. Anyways I am talking about Stage 120. This subwoofer is cheaper than most SVS subwoofers. Still, it comes with some features that are similar or even better. Take the woofer, for example. The 12” woofer can produce up to 500 watts, equal to any SVS sub’s peak power.

If you ask more about the sound, JBL Stage 120 maintains a balance between power and clarity. The bass is powerful. Then again, the liveliness and accuracy you can find in the sound are impressive. That’s why it goes with both music and movies. Lastly, the bass-reflex enclosure is vital in providing more clarity and sharpness in the sound.

I think JBL’s look and finish are better than SVS’s. SVS offers a classic look where wooden texture is prominent. Whereas JBL comes with a smooth finish and modern look. Besides, the black and white combination that JBL offers looks elegant.


  • Modern design and elegant look
  • Clean, noise-free powerful sound
  • Suitable for both movies and music


  • Lower connectivity options

9. Polk Audio HTS 12

Polk Audio HTS 12


  • 400 watts peak power
  • 22-180 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

Once again, Polk Audio bangs on the top list. Actually, the PSW10 I mentioned earlier is an affordable alternative to SVS. If you are searching for a premium option, HTS 12 is the best. It is better than any other sub in terms of design, sound, and built quality.

If I start with the look, HTS 12 has broken the stereotype. Unlike other subwoofers, this sub has rounded edges. It helps in a better handle and provides a better look as well. Besides, it has an excellent finish and premium built quality.

Sound is the primary function of a subwoofer. Polk Audio HTS 12 can provide high-quality sound. The RMS rating is 200 here, and the sub can produce up to 400 watts. The power port technology offers deep bass. Besides, this subwoofer features a turbulence-smoothing diffuser. It helps to minimize distortion and deliver full-range sound. That’s not all. This subwoofer also has dynamic balance technology. It can import 3D effects and make the sound super clear all around your room.

Lastly, I can talk about connectivity and control. HTS 12 can pair with any speaker. You can connect the sub to any AVR through RCA cables. Besides, It features a rear panel. You can control volume, cross over and phase from there.


  • High-quality sound with minimum distortion
  • Premium look and intelligent design
  • Easy to control


  • Higher price

10. Denon Home

Denon Home Subwoofer


  • 300-1000 watts peak power
  • The frequency range starts from 60 Hz
  • Down firing sub

Let’s wrap up the list with another premium subwoofer. Yes, I am talking about the Denon Home. It has several variants with different sizes, styles, and colors. The size varies from 150 to 550. The number indicates the RMS rating of the subwoofer. The frequency range also varies from model to model. But it starts from 60 Hz for all the variants. Such a high-frequency range helps the subs to eliminate low-frequency noise. Besides, it offers 2 color variants; black and white. You can get whichever you want.

The above features are a comparison among different variants of Denon Home. But they share some common features too. Firstly, I can talk about the woofer itself. It’s an 8” down-firing subwoofer. The sound is powerful, clean, and well-distributed. Besides, it produces surround effects. So, you can enjoy non-stop movies and music.

If you ask about the installation process, it’s very easy to install. You can connect the woofer to your system wirelessly. Besides, it’s compatible with any Denon speaker. So, if you are a Denon user, it’s best to get Denon Home instead of any SVS subwoofer.

Lastly, I should talk about the Denon brand. If you don’t know, Denon uses Japanese precision technology. It’s a century-old company. So, you don’t need to worry about reliability.


  • Powerful and deep bass
  • Clean surround sound effect
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Higher price

What makes the best SVS subwoofer alternative

You are looking for an SVS subwoofer alternative. It means you are looking for something that serves as SVS but not SVS. If you know what an SVS subwoofer offers, you can find something that provides the same. So, here are the standard features of an SVS subwoofer

Solid construction

SVS subwoofers are always appreciated for their outstanding sound quality. But only some of us know how they can provide such quality sound. Actually, the secret lies in the construction of the subwoofer. Most of the subwoofers in the market come with blended cabinets. So there is a certain amount of vibration there.

Other hands, SVS subwoofers feature super solid cabinets. So, there will be a minimum vibration when you play power full sound on an SVS subwoofer. As a result,  the output sound is of high quality.

High bass

Bass is the key feature of a subwoofer. The SVS subwoofers provide powerful bass. The larger audio driver makes it happen. The average diameter of the voice coil of an SVS subwoofer is 8 to 10 inches. So, the movement of the driver is high. As a result, the subwoofer produces higher bass.

Other subwoofers feature comparatively smaller voice coils. Movement is also lower here. So the bass you get is less powerful.

Powerful amplifier

Solid construction or a large audio driver has no use without a powerful amplifier. Everything above enhances the sound, whereas the amplifier enhances power. Unlike other subwoofers, SVS features powerful integrated amplifiers in all subwoofer models. Even the entry-level models of 500 USD offer amplifiers that can produce above 300 watts on average and 800 watts at peak.

It’s very rare in other ordinary subwoofers. They can produce 150 watts on average and 500 watts at peak.

Ease of control

Another good factor about SVS subwoofers is the control features they provide. Firstly I can talk about the self-control ability of the subwoofers. Because of their intelligent designs, the stoppage and reproduction of bass are very fast. That’s really, really fantastic.

Now focus on the external control. SVS subwoofers feature rear panels. You can control and match the volume with the other speaker. Beside, SVS has a music app for subwoofers. Unlike other subwoofers, it’s simple and user-friendly. You will get 3 preset modes, and manual tuning is also available.

Warranty & after-sale service

Unlike other subwoofers, SVS offers the best warranty service. Most of the low-end subwoofers come with a 1 or 2-year warranty. Whereas mid-level and high-end subwoofers provide a 5-year warranty. But it’s only for the audio driver. Amplifier’s warranty is still 1 or 2 years. SVS is beyond all that. They offer a 5-year warranty for both the amplifier and audio driver. Besides, their after-sale service is pretty satisfactory. Only some audio brands can provide such a service.

So, SVS offers the best warranty and after-sale service in the market.


Subwoofers from SVS are top-rated among audiophiles. I think it’s best for what it is offering. SVS subwoofers truly serve a specific group of users, which other subwoofers will struggle to do. But they fail to serve the mass customers because of their premium prices.

Today’s post is dedicated to these average mass customers. If you want good subwoofers at affordable prices, it will help you. I hope you can enjoy a powerful music experience at a fair price.


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